Rare And Classic: 1963 International C-1200

Rare And Classic: 1963 International C-1200
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Things change. There was a time when almost all pickup trucks had two doors; a four-door, or crew cab such as this 1963 International C-1200 was an oddity. Try finding a two-door pickup today – they’re available but not commonplace. Offered between 1961 and 1968, this International truck, today, could be considered a survivor simply because it still exists – they are rarely encountered! This example has undergone some mechanical improvements and still presents itself as an apt work truck so let’s give it a review. Located in Southlake, Texas, you’ll find this rare discovery, here on eBay for a current bid of $7,601 with the reserve not yet met.

Research indicates that International was the first, in 1961, to introduce a four-door pickup truck, one that we casually refer to today as a crew cab. Technically it was labeled by International as a “Travelette”. Oh, and one thought regarding model nomenclature, in ’63 and ’64 the letter “C” preceded the model number “1200”, but starting in ’65, it was reversed.

The exterior presentation, finished in dark gray primer, is pretty fair though the seller mentions, “On the passenger side front fender where there was body work done (surface rust). Some rust in the passenger side cowl and under the dash. There has been bodywork in the front passenger fender, the front driver-side floor panel“. OK, so that sort of thing is expected and not unusual. It’s also stated that there is some surface rust in what the seller thinks is a non-original cargo bed.

Powering this rig is a 193 HP, 304 CI, V8 engine but it is said to have been upgraded with an aluminum intake manifold and a Holley carburetor – I didn’t know you could get an aluminum intake manifold for an International engine. Anyway, the seller adds, “(there is) a leak in the engine. It looks like a leak from the oil pan drain plug. The rear differential has a leak. The brake pedal is also a little soft“. As for that brake matter, there is a new master cylinder, brake lines, and power booster in place so the brakes may need to be bled or there could be a leak. Rounding things out is a four-speed manual transmission that, as described, sounds as if it was boosted from a Scout.

The interior is about what one would expect, it’s original and utilitarian. The seating upholstery, which is topped with old-style airplane seatbelts, is experiencing some rear seat split seams (but not the front) and the passenger-side sun visor has exploded. The headliner, however, along with the door panels look fine. There are no images of the wayback and its condition is not disclosed. This truck is equipped with power steering but judging from the diameter of the steering wheel, which could have piloted the Lusitania, was likely designed with manual steering in mind.

Yes, I’ll agree with the seller, this one is rare, and in a sense, a classic. I imagine its driving manners are very truck-like so this one may work for occasional hauling chores but I imagine it would be trying for anything more than that. So, if you were interested in this International C-1200, how would you use it?