LSU Mailing Services

Where is The UPS Store located?The UPS Store is located on the ground floor of the LSU Student Union in room 101. Our phone number is 225-578-6756.

What is a Student U-Box?A Student U-Box (University Box) is essentially a PO Box (Post Office Box) on campus. With a U-Box, not only can a student receive typical mail, but they can also receive UPS and FedEx mail which otherwise cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

How do I know my Student U-Box number?The UPS Store sends emails to all students who are in LSU housing with their U Box number.

Are there still mailboxes?The physical mailboxes no longer exist, but your mail will be held in a “virtual mailbox”. A virtual mailbox uses a filing system like those used in a health care office.

How will I access my mail and packages?When you receive mail or packages, they will be logged into our High Density Mail system which will send you an email alert. You then come into The UPS Store and log into a Check-In station to alert us that you are here for pickup. Please have a photo ID ready. We will retrieve your items, get you to sign for them, and off you go.

Do I need a key to access my mail and packages?No, students will only need to provide their Tigercard or a valid photo ID.

When can I start receiving packages and are there any size/weight restrictions?Students can start receiving packages move-in day. We cannot accept and hold packages any earlier than that. There are no size or weight restrictions as to what a student may receive, however, the student is responsible for transporting it back to their housing unit. Once a package is released to a student, we cannot check it back into our system and hold it.

What is the best way to guarantee a Saturday shipment to my student?There are no deliveries from USPS on Saturday. FedEx and UPS have Saturday deliveries.

Is Priority Mail a guaranteed 2-day service?No, Priority Mail estimates 2-3 business days and can sometimes take longer.

Tracking on the USPS website shows that my package has been delivered. Why isn’t it available for pickup?Packages are scanned as delivered when they are put in the container prior to delivery to LSU. Sometimes that container is not delivered until the next day or, if on the weekend, until the following Monday. Typically, packages are scanned and ready for pickup on the same day that they are received at The UPS Store.

Tracking says my package has been delivered, but I have not received an email from The UPS Store saying it is ready for pickup.If someone used a nickname or did not include your full name on the shipping label (or the label is damaged and cannot be read), we will process the package as “Non Matching” in our system. If you received a delivery notice from the carrier but have not received notice of receipt by The UPS Store, call or come to the store with your tracking number. We can use the tracking number to locate the package in our system. Please keep in mind that USPS tracking is not accurate and often takes several business days before The UPS Store receives it.

If I send perishable food items, will they be delivered to the residence hall?No, all packages for students that are sent by USPS, UPS, and FedEx are delivered to The UPS Store. Please check the LSU Housing website for the address for floral deliveries. If your package needs refrigeration, it is important that your student pick the package up when they receive the email from The UPS Store that their item is ready for pickup.

What is a tracking number?A tracking number is a unique identifier that is specific to an individual package to track a shipment. The UPS Store uses tracking numbers to check packages into your mailbox. Most letter mail does not have a tracking number, therefore, even though the post office may tell you the standard 3-5 business days, sometimes it takes longer to receive letter mail. If you are sending something of importance, please send it using a shipping method that has a tracking number.