How Much Is A Roll Of Stamps

How Much Is A Roll Of Stamps

The price of stamps is important to consider when you’re posting packages or letters, but the cost will vary depending on what kind of stamps you buy. For a roll of 10,000 first class stamps, you will probably pay 58 cents per stamp, or $5,800 in total.

This has gone up in the last year, as it used to be 55 cents for a first class stamp, and $5,500 for a full roll of 10,000 stamps. Postage is not cheap, but USPS provides an excellent service and has other postage options that may mean you can send your items more economically. We are going to explore all the different options and their costs today.

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How Much Is A Roll Of First Class Stamps?

First class stamps should cost 58 cents each, wherever you buy them from. You can purchase rolls directly from USPS, but they only offer large rolls of around 10,000. If you wish to purchase fewer stamps at one time, you can buy them from your local post office, or from online retailers.

However, you should make sure that you are not paying over the odds for stamps from a separate retailer. While USPS may only charge 58 cents per stamp, buying them from somewhere like Amazon could bump the price up.

As an example, 100 first class stamps from USPS would currently cost you $58. Buying 100 stamps from Amazon would cost you $78.75, which is a huge jump up. It is not quite doubling the stamps in price, but it does add a significant chunk to their price.

It is usually best to source your stamps directly from USPS, which will always sell them at the market price, regardless of how many you purchase or when you purchase them. If you have found someone selling them cheaper, you should be wary, as these may not be legitimately sold.

Always make sure that you have carefully read both the number of stamps and the postage type (first, second, postcard, etc.) to ensure you are getting a fair deal. If something is cheaper, there is usually a good reason for it, and you may have misread stamp numbers or postage type.

You can buy a variety of different designs, so choose some pretty ones for the upcoming holiday season!

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How Much Is A Roll Of Postcard Stamps?

Postcard stamps are considerably cheaper than standard first class stamps, and they cost 40 cents each. You can buy a roll of 100 from USPS for $40, or choose as few as 20 stamps. These can only be used for postcards, however, and should not be put on standard letters.

These were previously 36 cents, so they have gone up by 4 cents in the last year, which is a greater increase than the first class stamps. However, they still remain economical and are a better option if you are just sending postcards.

How Much Is A Roll Of Additional Postage Stamps?

You can purchase stamps for “additional postage” from USPS as well. These are designed to be used if you need to add a small amount of postage to something you are mailing to bring it up to the correct cost.

There are a few different kinds, and they can be purchased in 2 cent, 3 cent, and 10 cent values. You can buy up to 100 of them from USPS in a roll, costing $200, $300, or $1,000 respectively for each cent value.

It’s important to note that these are only for use with proper stamps, to add to the maximum amount needed, rather than for posting themselves.

How Do Stamp Subscriptions Work?

You may have heard of stamp subscriptions, and if so, you might be wondering how these work. If you run a business, they can be a good idea, as they mean you will always have stamps to hand, and you don’t need to worry about ordering them all the time.

You can decide to have these subscriptions delivered once a month or twice a month, depending on what suits you. You can decide how long you want the subscription to last for, with options for six months or twelve months. Whichever you choose, you can have twice monthly deliveries, or deliveries once a month.

The costs work out as follows:

  • Monthly subscription of one delivery per month for 6 months, costing $348 ($58 per month)
  • Monthly subscription of two deliveries per month for 6 months, costing $696 ($116 per month)
  • Monthly subscription of one delivery per month for 12 months, costing $696 ($58 per month)
  • Monthly subscription of two deliveries per month for 12 months, costing $1392 ($116 per month)

Subscriptions will have to be renewed after twelve months, no matter what subscription package you choose. You can cancel a subscription package at any time via the USPS site, or you can renew it there once it ends.

If the price of stamps goes up in the period during which you hold a subscription, your subscription price will be updated to reflect this. You cannot hold stamps at a fixed price by creating a subscription.

If you have a subscription, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the price of stamps, just so that you will be aware if your subscription cost is going to suddenly increase.

Note that a subscription does not make the cost of stamps any cheaper. It is purely for the convenience of having stamps regularly delivered, so that you do not need to constantly purchase stamps, or find that you have run out unexpectedly. If your need for stamps reduces, make sure you cancel or amend your subscription to reflect this.

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How Do I Get A USPS Stamp Roll Subscription?

To start a subscription of USPS stamps, all you need to do is navigate to the online USPS store, and from there, you can go into their “stamp rolls” section. Here, you should find options to purchase Stamp Subscriptions, as well as one-time purchases of stamp rolls.

Simply select a stamp roll subscription from the four options (once monthly or twice monthly, six months or twelve months) and add it to your cart. You can then check out and you will soon receive your stamp rolls.

Remember that your subscription will automatically debit your card each month, so you must make sure you have money to cover this in the appropriate account.

How Do I Cancel My Stamp Subscription?

If you need to get rid of a subscription, you simply need to sign into your USPS account, and then go to “My Profile.” From there, you can click on “Stamp Subscriptions” and click on the “Order” that you want to change. This will take you to your subscriptions page, and from there, you can cancel using the “Cancel” button.

If you would rather, you can also call the USPS Customer Service line, and they should be able to cancel your subscription for you.

Is A Stamp Roll Subscription Useful?

You might be wondering who would benefit from a stamp roll subscription. In general, businesses that have a lot of letters to send get the most from this service, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, these businesses use a lot of stamps on a regular, reliable basis. They can usually calculate how many they need. Secondly, running out of stamps could be disastrous.

Thirdly, the business does not need to waste man hours in constantly purchasing stamps. It is much better to automate this process by purchasing an adequate amount of stamps via subscription, saving both time and hassle, and getting rid of the risk of running out of stamps.

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Where Can I Buy A Roll Of Stamps?

There are lots of places that sell stamps, and you have a reasonable choice, depending on what is most convenient for you. You can, of course, buy the stamps at your local post office, but many people are looking for easier options.

You can order these stamps online from the USPS website, and they will cost you the same amount as if you buy them in a store. You will have to wait for them to be delivered, however.

Many retailers also carry rolls of stamps, both online and offline. You may be able to buy them from your local Walmart, for example, so consider adding them to your grocery list.

Stores that sell stamps include:

  • Walgreens
  • Winn-Dixie
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Staples

You should use the USPS Location Tool in order to check which local retailers sell stamps. Not all grocery stores in a chain will sell them, so don’t assume that you can purchase stamps from a Winn Dixie in one area just because you can in another. It is always best to check, especially if your parcel is urgent.

It’s possible that you will only be able to buy a booklet of stamps, rather than a full roll, but it is worth checking as some locations may carry rolls.

Costco sells stamps in lots of 100, but only in certain locations, and not online. If you wish to purchase them online, Sam’s Club is a better option.

You should always check a retailer stocks stamps before you try to buy from them in an urgent situation, and if you need a lot of stamps, it may be worth informing the business in advance.

You may also see self-service kiosks, and some of these give you the option of buying stamps. You cannot purchase specialty stamps from these machines, but if the queues are long, it can be worth using them. However, you are unlikely to be able to purchase rolls of stamps in this way.

If you require a lot of stamps at once, it is best to purchase them online via, or ask in your local post office. Businesses will usually find a subscription service the simplest way.

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What Are “Forever” Stamps?

You may have observed that many stamps have the word “Forever” printed on them. What does this mean?

The “Forever” mark means that the stamp is valid for use regardless of how old it is. If you have stamps from all the way back in 2016 that have this mark on them, you can still use them, even though they would have cost considerably less to buy then (47 cents, rather than 58).

This means it is always a good idea to buy stamps in advance, because they are unlikely to go down in price as time passes. Stamps will remain valid indefinitely, so don’t throw out stamps just because they are old! They will still be fine to use, as long as they have this “Forever” mark.

You will notice that there is no price on the stamps for this reason. However, some stamps do have prices printed on them, so be careful about what you buy to make sure your stamps remain valuable. A 10 cent stamp will still only be worth 10 cents in several years’ time.

If you have unused rolls of stamps, keep them around so that you can use them up in the future.

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If you need to mail letters on a regular basis, buying a roll of stamps or even a subscription for a roll of stamps is often the most convenient option. It is not cheaper, but it can save you time and energy, and will ensure that you always have stamps on hand. These are most easily bought from, but other retailers do supply them.

Make sure you renew your subscription service after it expires, or you will run out of stamps again. A twelve month subscription is the longest option currently available.

Many people who use the US Postal Service on a regular basis could benefit from using a Virtual Mailbox service. This makes it much easier for you to take deliveries, whether or not you are at home. It provides a safe, secure place where companies can drop off items, and gives you far more freedom in how you receive your mail.