Catherine Zeta-Jones' sweet bond with lookalike mother Patricia Fair revealed

Before Catherine Zeta-Jones made her mark on Hollywood, the actress grew up in Swansea, Wales with her parents Patricia Fair, a seamstress, and candy factory owner David James Jones. Over the years, Catherine has spoken fondly of her childhood, and it’s clear that she shares a close relationship with both of her parents, whom she describes as “the wind beneath my wings”.

Catherine has also admitted that she and her mom Patricia Fair talk “every day, sometimes three times a day”. We’re taking a closer look at their unbreakable bond….

Speaking to Homes & Gardens in 2021, the 53-year-old reflected on her idyllic childhood, and how her mom inspired her love of home decor. “Even though I’ve lived Stateside for 24 years, I still say Wales is my home,” she explained. “My mother loved soft furnishings, and I think that’s where I got my passion for interior design. I remember the smell of the coziness of home, lots of family around, and lots of beautiful fabrics everywhere.”

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The Wednesday actress has been inspired by her mother on several fronts, and it was also Patricia that ignited her passion for show business. “I was very excitable and kind of, I don’t know, performy, as a child,” Catherine told the New Yorker in 2021.

“At the end of my garden, there was a church and a cathedral. And in the back there was a hall where a dancing teacher called Hazel Johnson used to teach tap dancing and modern. At four years old, my mother bought me tap shoes. I put them on, she tied them up, and that was it.”

Aside from interviews, Catherine has also spoken about Patricia on social media. Back in March 2022, she marked Mother’s Day by sharing the sweetest throwback photo on Instagram. The caption read: “Happy Mother’s Day Mam! I love you with all my heart. You are everything and everything is you.”

The following year, Catherine celebrated Mother’s Day by posting more photos of Patricia alongside her children, Dylan and Carys Douglas. The caption read: “Dearest Mam, on this day, and every day, you inspire me and love me for everything I am and everything I am not. Could there possibly be enough days to thank you? You are my Queen. I love you Mam.”

Whenever Catherine’s back in the UK, she always makes sure to visit her parents. “I’m always back in the UK but I don’t go to London – I go straight to Wales to see family,” the A-lister admitted to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’m a very homebody kind of person. My friends call me Cath. I speak with my mam every day, sometimes three times a day.”

She added: “It’s essential for me to have the two sides of the world. I have friends who knew me before I became known internationally, people who have been with me the whole journey. It takes those people to keep you grounded.”