Europe’s Largest Antiques Fair

Discover a Wide Range of Antiques and Vintage Treasures

Experience the perfect destination for sourcing a diverse array of antiques, vintage items, and exquisite brocante treasures at Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair. Explore a vast selection, from antique furniture, toys, and jewellery to vintage clothing and much more. Whether you’re a trade buyer, seasoned collector, curious shopper or an international buyer coming from overseas, there’s up to 1,500 stands offering an extraordinary range, including rare vinyl records and coins.

Conveniently Located and Easily Accessible

Located at the expansive 84-acre Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground, our fair attracts thousands of dealers and buyers from around the world every other month. Situated between Nottingham and Lincoln, the fair is only a two-hour drive or a 90-minute rail journey from London and less than an hour’s drive from East Midlands Airport. This location makes Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair one of the most convenient antique markets in the UK.

Unparalleled Choice in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire

If you’re searching for antiques and vintage items in the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire area, look no further than Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair. Our friendly and knowledgeable dealers are ready to guide and educate you about the fascinating world of antiques and vintage items. From unique brocante pieces and Edwardian furniture to Victorian clothing and antique sewing machines, you will see an astonishing selection. By shopping at Newark, you not only find exceptional gifts for those who have everything but also support the environment and small businesses through sustainable antique shopping.

Embrace Sustainability with Antique Furniture

At Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair, we prioritise sustainability by offering a wide variety of antique furniture options. Choose from early Victorian, mid-19th century, 1910, retro, vintage, and Art Deco furniture to create a sustainable and timeless interior. Antique furniture not only benefits the environment but also your wallet and supports small businesses. Leave a smaller carbon footprint by opting for antique pieces instead of new furniture.

Discover Impressive Collectors’ Items

As the largest antiques fair in Europe, Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair boasts an impressive variety of collectors’ items. Unleash your passion for brocante hunting and explore virtually any category imaginable, including rare silver coins, antique glassware, Royal Doulton figurines, antique vases, clocks, vinyl records, sports cards, stamps, and more. Expand your knowledge and learn about the rare antiques to keep an eye out for during your visit.

Experience Europe’s Largest Antiques Fair

While antiques fairs come in all sizes, only Newark holds the esteemed title of “Europe’s largest.” Join the thousands of enthusiastic visitors who flock to Newark Antiques & Collectors Fair to discover their unique antique or vintage find. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

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