Jumbo Greeting Cards

Jumbo Greeting Cards Details

Wish congratulations in a big way with jumbo greeting cards. These giant cards are the perfect way to make an unforgettable statement at birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, and more! Our jumbo cards are 100% customizable, allowing you to add any message, photograph, design, or imagery to the inside and outside of the card! We craft our cards from 4mm corrugated plastic. This material is perfect for big cards because it is lightweight, and doesn’t damage easily, allowing the recipient to keep the card as a memento for years to come. Our cards are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks for vibrant imagery and high-resolution text that won’t scratch, peel, or fade, even if exposed to water. Choose from three enormous sizes: 18in x 24in, 24in x 36in, and 36in x 48in. These giant greeting cards make the perfect surprise gift for people of all ages and are sure to create a lasting memory for the recipient!

Oversized Envelope Included with Each Card Order

We ship our jumbo greeting cards inside a large envelope. The oversized envelope adds to the experience of receiving a giant card and keeps your custom design hidden until the big reveal. The jumbo sized envelope is folded over and sealed just like a traditional envelope and is crafted from durable 4mm corrugated plastic, keeping your card safe and secured during the shipping process.

3 Easy Ways to Design Your Cards Online

Design your jumbo greeting cards using one of the three methods listed below. All artwork submissions are checked by our pre-press team for any errors or issues. We will email you a final design proof for your approval before we begin printing.

Design Online: Create your artwork online, in real time using our online design tool. This tool allows you to upload artwork and images directly from your computer and makes it easy to add text, insert clip art, adjust sizing, and more.

Upload Artwork: To design using this method you must download the provided artwork template, add your artwork using your own design software, and reupload the completed template to our website, before or after checking out. You can find the artwork template by clicking the “Proceed to Artwork” button listed above.

Free Design Service: Do you need help designing your jumbo greeting card? Our team of graphic artists can help you create an unforgettable card design, free of charge. Just send our team your current design or some artwork inspiration and we will work with you until the design is completed.

Create the Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Choose Your Size

We offer multiple sizes to choose from including: 18in x 24in, 24in x 36in, and 36in x 48in. Each size is crafted from 4mm corrugated plastic and is printed with full-color, UV-resistant inks. All giant greeting cards are shipped in a matching corrugated plastic envelope.

Jumbo Greeting Cards for Any Event

Our oversized greeting cards are perfect for a variety of family and business related gatherings and celebrations. These cards are made from durable materials and require no set-up or assembly process, making them perfect for surprise celebrations and large events.

Family Reunions and Birthday Parties

These jumbo greeting cards offer the perfect way to congratulate family members or friends for a recent accomplishment or life milestone. The interior and exterior of the card is completely customizable, allowing for maximum creativity and an opportunity to create something truly unique and special that the recipient can keep for years to come.

Work Events & Retirement Parties

These oversized cards are the perfect way to tie together work celebrations like retirement parties, job promotions, and member reunions. Our giant greetings cards feature bright, high-resolution graphics that can showcase any custom message or branding associated with the business or organization. These cards also serve as a wide open canvas for co-workers and friends to sign their names and leave a special message for the person being celebrated.

Satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 3 business days, plus shipping. We offer rush production for an extra fee. We also offer expedited shipping options if you need your jumbo greeting card as soon as possible. To preview which shipping options are available for your location, click the “Estimate Delivery” button at the top of the page.

Is an envelope included with each card order?

Yes! An envelope is included with each card order, for no extra cost. Opening the envelope adds to the experience of receiving a giant card, and it keeps the card safe during the shipping process.

How are these enormous cards shipped?

We ship our jumbo greeting cards inside of an envelope that is crafted from 4mm corrugated plastic. This durable material is waterproof and will keep the card protected during the shipping process.

Can you help me create my design?

Yes, we can help you fix your current design or help you build a design from scratch, for free! Send our team of graphic artists your current artwork or some design inspiration and we will work with you until the design is completed and applied to the card.

Material and Durability

What material are your jumbo greeting cards?

We craft our cards from 4mm corrugated plastic. This material is perfect for oversized cards because it is lightweight, durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is safe to wipe down with soap and water, if needed.

Are your jumbo cards fire-resistant?

Yes, because our cards are made from corrugated plastic, they are fire-resistant. However, we do not recommend displaying these cards near open flames as fire will melt the plastic and ruin the print.

Printing Specs

How are your cards printed?

We digitally print our jumbo birthday cards using UV-resistant inks. This printing process produces vibrant, full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant, allowing for long term display. Additionally, these cards are stain-resistant and safe to wipe down with soap and water.

Can I print on the envelope?

No, the envelope is not customizable.

Can these cards be printed on both sides of the card, front and back?

Yes! If you are wondering where to buy jumbo greeting cards that can be designed on the front and back of the card, this is it! These extra-large greeting cards are completely customizable, meaning you can add whatever artwork you want to the whole interior and exterior of the card, for no extra cost.

Does it cost extra to design the custom jumbo cards with multiple colors?

No, it does not cost extra to use multiple colors. Create your design with as many or as little colors as you would like for no extra cost.

Assembly and Use

Do I need to assemble the card before use?

No, the jumbo cards require no assembly. They ship fully assembled in their envelope.

What are these jumbo greeting cards used for?

These custom cards can be used for an assortment of different celebrations and events. The most common applications are for birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, and graduations, but they can be used for any life event, big or small.

Do you offer any other celebratory party products?

Yes! In addition to our custom giant cards, we also offer 100% customized cardboard cutouts and customizable selfie frames. The cardboard cutouts are available in several styles including life-size standees, big head cutouts, photo stand ins, and pet cutouts. Our selfie frames are available in multiple styles including themes for birthdays, showers, social media sites, and more.