How to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail

How to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail

Speaking from experience, I know it can also be super scary to have a new baby, as there are so many unknowns and so many expenses coming your way.

One of the best ways to mitigate these costs and make life just a little bit easier is to be on the hunt for free baby samples. The good news is that you’re in the right place to find all sorts of baby samples and free baby stuff in the mail, too!

Below, I’ll share some of the best strategies for getting free baby sample kits by mail, and even share a printable letter that you can use today to request free baby samples by mail.


First Free Baby Sample Box to Request:

Before you start looking for free baby products, the most logical place is Amazon, the world’s largest baby product retailer.

They will send you a free baby box, just head here and start your registry to get a jump on your free baby samples for new moms. Free Baby Box Here

Free baby samples from companies that send free baby stuff. Free diaper samples, baby coupons by mail all in their own boxes.

Why Should You Request Free Baby Samples?

When you’re expecting a baby, or if you already have your new bundle of joy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do, and all the items that you need to keep your home stocked with.

From diapers to free baby bottle samples to baby formula and so much more… the list of things your baby needs goes on and on! And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay for some of those items?

This is where free baby samples can really come in handy!

Top 9 Best Free Baby Samples:

  1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box
  2. Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box
  3. Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag
  4. Target Welcome Kit
  5. Babylist Registry Hello Baby Box
  6. Free Maternity Clothes (See #7 Below!)
  7. Enfamil Family Beginnings Pack
  8. Pampers Club Rewards Program
  9. Huggies Rewards+ Program

First, off, though, I feel it necessary to share a great article on 10 Things New Moms Should Not Worry About.

Although having diapers, bottles and a feeding plan are pretty necessary, there are things that aren’t and that article does a pretty good job of teaching, or even reminding new moms what’s important and frankly, what’s not as important.

What is important, though is to be sure that you’re an informed consumer, which is why I wrote this article on things that you can snag completely free, at no cost to you, just offered simply as free baby samples (by mail) of course, because we just don’t want to leave the house when we’re super pregnant, am.i.right? ????

The mistake most expecting and new moms make is not realizing that they can request free baby samples. But you can! Here are the main reasons why you should request free baby samples:

  • Save money – The obvious reason to request free baby samples from companies is that you’ll be able to save money on essentials for baby. And who doesn’t like saving money?
  • Find new products that you love – When you’re a new mom, you rely on the recommendations of friends, family and medical professionals, as well as the occasional Google or Pinterest search to figure out which brands and products you should purchase. When you request free baby samples, you’re opening the door to a new brand or product, which you may very well fall in love with (and may not have discovered otherwise)!
  • Make life easier – Above all else, requesting free baby samples can help make your life a lot easier! Doing a little bit of work up front to request free baby samples by mail will set you up to receive goodies and helpful items in the mail. Can you imagine a day in your future where you’re too busy to run to the store to get some new baby formula… and then a package of free formula samples that you requested a few weeks ago magically shows up at your door? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! You just need the tools to help you request these free samples for baby, which I’m going to share with you now.

How to Request Free Baby Samples from Baby Companies that Send Free Stuff

Now that you know why it’s helpful to request free baby samples, here are some ways that you can get yourself on the list for free baby sample kits by mail from baby companies that send free stuff – lickety split!

1. Ask for Baby Kits and Coupons by Mail

For starters, make a list of all of the baby product companies and sample baby offers that you can think of to contact them for coupons, free diaper samples by mail, free pregnancy stuff by mail, and even free baby bottle samples.

I have had new moms-to-be ask me for a list of “companies to send baby shower invites to for free stuff” and “what companies give free baby samples”. These are the 16 companies that I recommend writing to get free baby stuff by mail.

The key is trying to get free baby samples by mail without surveys, though.

TOP 16 Baby Companies That Send Free Stuff:

  1. Enfamil Baby Formula
  2. Cetaphil
  3. Eucerin
  4. Gerber Baby Foods
  5. Huggies Diapers Rewards Program
  6. Luvs Diapers
  7. Orajel
  8. Pampers baby samples for free by mail
  9. Pampers Kandoo baby free samples
  10. Purex
  11. Seventh Generation
  12. Tide Detergent and/or Stain Release
  13. Tylenol baby freebies
  14. Vaseline
  15. Xtra Laundry Detergent sample freebies
  16. Dreft

FREE! Get Free Samples from Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

If you are really serious about getting baby free samples by mail, I recommend finding the company’s address on the contact us form and letting them know that you’re expecting a baby (or that you’ve recently had a baby) and then, let them know that you’re interested in trying their products and getting free samples by mail.

FREE Printable Letter for Requesting Baby Samples by Mail

Here is a printable pdf Letter for Free Samples for Baby that you can print out and send.

Just personalize the letter and customize it with your information. Easy Peasy! You never know, some companies have been known to send a free baby welcome box!

pictures of free baby samples that you can get from companies

free baby samples

You’re going to LOVE these!

Get free baby stuff by mail with this list baby companies to request free baby samples from! Plus a free baby samples by mail request letter! #baby #freebies #newbaby #pregnant

5. Free Gift Cards for Buying Baby Stuff

When our kiddos were in diapers I loved peeling the reward stickers off diaper boxes everytime I bought them and watching my reward points rack up. When you put the reward codes into the online portals you earn free stuff for baby. You can earn free diapers, but you can also earn free Starbucks gift cards, too. 😉

Join these clubs to earn free gift cards for buying baby diapers and wipes:

  • Huggies Rewards
  • Pampers Rewards Gifts to Grow

6. Free Baby Food

Just like Pampers Rewards Gifts to Grow provides free baby diapers, and it also offers free Starbucks Gift Cards, your Pampers Gifts to Grow points also offers free baby food. Yes, it’s true!

You can earn free baby food from buying diapers. This is a great way to try new brands, or just buy the brands that you’ve always loved with free baby food coupons.

7. Free Maternity Clothes

Did you know that you can earn free maternity clothes by trading in your old clothes to ThredUp and using the credit to buy gently used maternity clothes? You sure can!

Another great tip if you’re looking for one or two great maternity outfits or staples to your closet, subscribe to StitchFix.

When you make an account here you’ll input a note to your stylist along outlining with your measurements this is the deal for you!

New Stitchfix customers will get a free $20 credit to use on their first order. And, you’ll get $25 to spend on every “fix” you request to use towards to new clothes. Win-win!

  • 1. Head hereHow to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail and take 7-8 minutes to fill out your style profile
  • 2. **** Note: On prices I put “cheaper the better” because, well… I’m frugal. ?
  • 3. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment
  • 4. Try everything on in the comfort of your home when you receive it
  • 5. Buy what you like and return the rest within 3 business days (MINUS the $20 Stylist fee = FREE clothes!!)

8. Get a Target REDcard stat

Apply for a Target Baby Registry here to get a rare 20% off a Target purchase coupon. And, I’m here to tell you, any savings when you have a new baby at home is a good deal.

When you request that a Target REDcard debit card be added to your bank account HERE, you’ll automatically save 5% off every Target purchase.

This is a big deal since I imagine you’ll also be using coupons on top of the 5% discount saving big money on diapers, clothes, baby food and more. Apply for a Target REDcard easy here.

9. Free Baby Stuff on Craigslist

Do you need an extra rocking chair for another level of the house? Or maybe Grandma needs one at her house? Setting a reminder to search the craigslist in your area is a great way to find one for free or atleast possibly uber cheap!

Please be safe when you arrange your pickup. Many police stations offer a monitored part of their parking lot for selling and trading craigslist items.

10. Get free baby stuff from friends and family

Do you need a pack ‘n play only for the weekend? Or, do you need a foldup stroller just for a getaway? Don’t be afraid to ask a friend. Normally they’re more than happy to help where they can.

Other FAQs About Free Baby Samples

Still have questions about free baby samples by mail? Here are some of the other questions I get all the time.

Are free samples really free?

Free samples are really free! Sometimes you do need to test out the products by buying a bundle, or paying the shipping costs, but most of the time these baby product companies want to get in front of new moms, so they’re happy to give something for free in return for a lifetime customer.

Are the free baby samples by mail really any good?

You better bet your bippy! I always find that the baby companies are so generous with their free samples, a free baby box, free baby gear, etc.

The reason likely is that they know that there is only a short window of time to use all of their products and they hope that you’ll choose their brand, so they want to be yours and your child’s favorite as soon as possible.

How about free baby bottle samples – are those a thing?

Of course free baby bottle samples are a thing! Much like diapers (in fact maybe even more so), you use baby bottles for such a short amount of time.

And, bottles can be reused for multiple children, so it may be even more important to them to get your business from the get-go.

To that point, offering a free baby bottle or baby bottle coupons is in their best interest.

Companies that are currently offering free baby bottle samples:

  • Dr. Brown’s via Target (with free baby registry here)
  • Amazon’s Baby Registry Welcome Box
    • Simply complete a Baby Registry using Amazon Checklist hereHow to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail and $10 off purchases from the registry spent (from yourself or gifters). Use this free $10 on some free baby clothes, samples!
    • You’ll also get a free baby sample box full of full size and trial size freebies – awesome!

Okay now – sound off! What ways to get free baby samples and free baby sample kits did I miss? What are your best tips for getting baby freebies? I’d love to hear!

How to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail

How to Request Free Baby Samples by Mail