31 Special 13th Birthday Party Ideas

31 Special 13th Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you want to throw a big party or a small get together, these 31 fun and special 13th birthday ideas will be something they remember forever!

When your kid reaches the big age of 13, you’re going to want to make their party extra special! Turning 13 is a big deal for any kid, which means coming up with some amazing 13th birthday party ideas is essential.

From coming up with the perfect theme, to finding fun activities, your soon-to-be-teenager is sure to love all these celebration ideas.

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13th Birthday Party Themes

Choosing the perfect theme for your 13th birthday celebration is the first step to planning an amazing party. Try these theme ideas to impress your teenager on their birthday:

Movie night

Turn your home into a movie premiere and give your teen the red-carpet treatment with this fun movie theme. We have a ton of themed movie nights over on Movie Nights at Home! We love planning a pizza movie night or outdoor movie night!

Glow in the dark

Turn out the lights and let the kids at the party glow with a glow in the dark theme. Add some black-lights and neon decorations for even more fun.

Video game tournament

Create a gaming inspired party and let your teen compete with their friends in a video game tournament.

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Spa party

Book a spa day for your teen and their friends or just set up a spa at home to pamper your party guests.

Tik Tok

Bring the popular social media platform into your party by using a Tik Tok theme for the event.


Turn your birthday celebration into a flashback to the 80s or 90s with this fun party theme. One of our favorite themes is a Karate Kid night!

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Create a tropical oasis for the birthday celebration by incorporating a tropical luau or Hawaii theme into the decorations, food, and activities.


Celebrate with a classic sleepover at home with your kid and a few of their friends.

Masquerade ball

Costumes and masks will make this fun party theme a fun way to celebrate the big day.

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Where to Host a 13th Birthday

Since turning 13 is such a big deal, you’re going to need an amazing location for your party. Instead of hosting your celebration at home, try booking one of these fun locations for the event:

Amusement or water park

If your kid loves rides, let them celebrate their big day with their friends at the amusement park or water park.

Go carts

Let your teen experience the thrill of racing with a party at the go-cart track.

Movie theater

Try renting out a movie theater for the party so the kids can watch a movie together with their friends.


Teens who love gaming will love having their birthday party at an arcade where they can challenge their friends to all the games.

Roller skating rink

The kids will have a blast skating around the rink at the party.

kids at a skating rink for a 10th birthday party idea

Ice skating

If your kid has a winter birthday, you could also head to the ice skating rink for the celebration.

Hotel room

Instead of hosting a sleepover at home, book a hotel room for the party.

Escape room

Let the kids put their puzzle solving skills to the test to see if they can make it out of the room in time.

Paintball arena

Set up a paintball game for the birthday kid and their friends at the local paintball arena.

Camp site

Give your party a camping theme by letting your kid and their friends camp together for the big day.

Nice restaurant

Give your teen the grown-up treatment by letting them get dressed up then taking them out for a fancy dinner.

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Activities for a 13th Birthday Party

When you’re planning your teen’s party, coming up with activity ideas may be difficult. Your preteen probably thinks traditional party games are for kids, which means you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to coming up with things for the party guests to do.

You could use the party’s venue as a way to entertain the kids, or try these simple party activities:

Dance party

Turn on some music and let the kids dance at the event.

Slumber party games

Classic sleepover games like truth or dare or would you rather will always be a popular choice.


Another classic slumber party activity that the kids are sure to love is giving each other makeovers.

Scavenger hunt

Make your party more interactive by incorporating a scavenger hunt into the celebration.

ice cream sundae board

Make your own food stations

Whether the kids build their own pizza or make their own ice cream sundaes, do-it-yourself food stations are a fun way to keep the kids at your party entertained.

Board games

Pick a board game, like Pictionary or Headbanz, for the kids to enjoy together during the party for a simple entertainment idea.

Video games

If your kid and their friends like gaming, you can’t go wrong by letting them play their favorite game together.

Water Fight

Kids are never too old for a battle. Pass out Super Soakers or Nerf products and let everyone have fun shooting each other.


Let the guests show off their singing skills with a karaoke machine.

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