The 13 best cat litter boxes of 2023, tested and reviewed

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The best cat litter boxes are ones that keep both cats and humans happy. But there are plenty of boxes that fall short. Our search has taken us from the simplest to the most technologically advanced models to find boxes with enough space to satisfy even large breeds and multiple-cat households.

In addition to testing 35 boxes, we spoke to veterinarians and cat behaviorists for advice on what makes a good litter box. Our top pick, the Frisco Hooded Cat Litter Box, is a reasonably priced, well-sized option that can be used with or without its cover. If you’re looking for an automatic litter box with all the bells and whistles, the Whisker Litter-Robot 4 is a pricey but reliable device.

Our top picks for the best cat litter boxes

Best overall: Frisco Hooded Cat Litter Box, Extra Large – See at ChewyThis spacious litter box is easily modified to fit your cat’s preferences.

Best top-entry: Modkat XL Litter Box – See at AmazonThe modern Modkat XL Litter Box has top and front entries and a unique folding lid for easy cleaning.

Best self-cleaning on a budget: Petsafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box – See at ChewyThe simple design of this litter box didn’t intimidate our tester cats, and the box works hard to keep the pan constantly clean and fresh.

Best for large cats: KittyGoHere Jumbo Litter Box – See at KittyGoHereAt 28 by 22 inches in size, this spacious litter pan provides big cats plenty of room to stretch out.

Best disposable: So Phresh Disposable Litter Box Set – See at AmazonThis disposable pan made from sustainable materials is a reliable choice for temporary use.

Best DIY: Sterilite 41-Quart Storage Box – See at WalmartThough not traditionally marketed as a litter box, this storage box is an excellent budget option for any household.

Best automatic: Whisker Litter-Robot 4 – See at ChewyThe self-cleaning Litter-Robot 4 integrates smart features and sends important notifications to your phone.

Best litter box furniture: Recaceik Litter Box Enclosure With Cat Tree – See at AmazonThis multifunctional cabinet includes a cat tree, scratching post, cubby, and a generous double-entry cat litter enclosure.

Best for odor control: Catit Jumbo Hooded Pan – See at ChewyThe disposable carbon filter and sturdy plastic door on Catit’s Jumbo Hooded Pan keep foul odors at bay.

Best stainless steel: Frisco Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box – See at ChewyThis litter box is built to last with durable, scratch-resistant stainless steel.

Best for seniors and kittens: Shirley K’s Senior Cat Litter Box – See at ChewyWith an extra-low entrance, Shirley K’s litter box makes it easy for cats with limited mobility to enter and exit.

Best custom: Omlet Maya Cat Litter Box – See at OmletOmlet’s custom litter boxes come in a range of entry styles and sizes, including designs that include storage space.

Best corner: Kitangle Corner Kitty – See at ChewyThe Kitangle corner box offers cats plenty of space yet it can be tucked away into corners and tight spots.