Direct Mail Review: 9 Postage Stamps

Direct Mail Review: 9 Postage Stamps
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Last updated: November 23, 2020

The envelope promised: “Your 9 postage stamps are waiting for you inside.” This is a nice piece of direct mail marketed at small business owners. I’m documenting it here for posterity and respect.

Scroll down for my analysis and commentary.

Direct Mail Letter

Letter has black text on white background
The letter from offering the 9 Postage Stamps

Direct Mail Envelope

White envelope with typical return address and to address fields
Direct mail envelope with catchy call to action on the outside. My address is blurred.

Analysis and Commentary

This is a good piece of direct mail because:

Targeting = Success

I got it in my mailbox, and I’m a small business owner. However they created this database of recipients, based on my sample size of 1 = good job.

See some other pieces of direct mail that I like or have investigated here.

Attractive Outside Offer

The envelope proclaims: “Your 9 postage stamps are waiting for you inside.”

Your nine postage stamps are waiting for you inside

The idea of almost $5 worth of free postage inside is an attractive offer because:

  • Postage is very equivalent to money, thus free money.
  • I can use stamps and I always seem to be out of them when I need them.
  • The best small business owners tend to be very cost-conscious, and nine free stamps is a valuable offer.

I gladly opened the envelope and was ready for their pitch. Actually I just wanted to get the stamps, but not so fast…

The Letter

As soon as I opened the envelope, I was a little disappointed:

It turns out that I have to sign up for an account before getting anything for free. Bummer! But it definitely makes sense, and that “ask” (for me to sign up and trial the service to print the stamps) is what makes this an award-winning piece of direct mail.

  • Click here to see an image of the letter, in full resolution.
  • Click here for plain text: Read the letter, I typed it out.

Letter Value Propositions

  • “Say goodbye to trips to the Post Office and expensive postage meters”
  • Receive postage discounts you can’t even get at the Post Office
  • FREE Delivery Confirmation

Landing Page Images

The letter pushes people to, which as of 16 April 2017 looks like this: image says "The Post Office is only a click away"

Landing page for direct mail promotion[/caption]

More information about the promotion

Offer Redemption

FWIW, I signed up. Here are some notes:

  • It took me about 3 minutes to create an account, add my credit card, etc.
  • I had to download and install some software (Boo…) which took 30s to download. The app, when launched, pushes me back to the web interface, and everything continues from the browser Perhaps the app just controls the printer driver interface to prohibit or monitor for fraud.
  • Within 2-3 minutes of testing I had printed the stamps, thus redeeming my $4.14 of free postage.


This piece worked well. It got me to sign up in exchange for $4.14 of free postage. As a small business owner who purchases a LOT of stamps, whoever executed this campaign should be happy.

Our tour guides and team building facilitators at Museum Hack purchase the stamps, but as the business owner, I guess I could have purchase authority and pick our stamps vendor.

I like finding good pieces of direct mail. Here’s my archive of a few others I’ve documented.

Do you have a nice example of a successful piece of direct mail, ideally targeted at small business owners? Email me!

Other Images from Mailer

These are two other pages which were included in the mailer:

Sample Sheet

Direct Mail Review: 9 Postage Stamps
Test sheet from

Stamps for Printing

Direct Mail Review: 9 Postage Stamps
Printer page for promo direct mail

Text of Direct Mail from

If you couldn’t see the image above, here are the words typed out:

Dear Nicholas Gray, (ed: that’s me!)

Now you can avoid time-consuming trips to the Post Office. Just sign-up for to buy and print postage online 24/7. Send everything from postcards to packages worldwide right from your home or office. No special equipment needed. You’ll instantly print official USPS-approved postage for any amount or mail class, for anything you mail or ship. Once you print your postage, simply drop your letters and packages into any mailbox, hand them to your mail carrier, or schedule a USPS pick-up. With, you get all the services of the Post Office for just $15.99 per month.

Say goodbye to trips to the Post Office and expensive postage meters.

  • Print postage on labels, envelopes or plain paper
  • Receive postage discounts you can’t even get at the Post Office… including First Class stamps
  • Save up to 50% compared to a postage meter
  • Free Delivery Confirmation with Priority Mail service
  • Toll-free Customer Support Team available to help you every step of the way

Sign up for today at Use promo code [HIDDEN] to print your first 9 stamps now.


Ken McBride



Go to:


Print your first 9 stamps now.

  1. (1) Grab the enclosed label sheet
  2. Visit our website…
  3. Use this promo code: (HIDDEN)

Must redeem by 5/31/17