Ronati Partners with The Decorative Collective and Hoarde Vintage

Alliance Helps Dealers of Art and Antiques to Effortlessly Sell Stock Online

July 2021, as seen on Antiques News + Fairs: With the announcement of a joint partnership with The Decorative Collective (DC) and Hoarde Vintage (HV) — two of the UK’s leading online marketplaces for decorative antiques, vintage, and garden & architectural items, Florida based Ronati positions itself as the leading innovative tech company specialising in products for the antiques and one of a kind industry.

Ronati’s eCommerce Manager (eCM) is the only multi-marketplace management system built specifically for sellers of unique and ever-changing stock to easily post, edit, and manage their stock listings across 11 online marketplaces and websites (with 5 more marketplaces available August 2021).

The partnership enables dealers to easily post and edit their pieces on DC and The Hoarde Vintage as well as their own websites and other marketplaces they sell through, eradicating hours of endless frustration by uploading and tracking stock details and images on multiple sites. The eCM frees up sellers for what’s truly important: researching, finding, and selling more beautiful pieces.

Jane Walton, founder and owner of DC and HV told ANF: “Ronati is the first company to come along that will seriously help dealers all around the world in a constructive, incredible way. I met Ronati’s Founder, Stacey Tiveron, three years ago when she embarked on her mission to help our industry. She shares a core desire to not just build a successful company, but to do good and truly benefit dealers and the industry as a whole.”

Founder and CEO of Ronati, Stacey Tiveron, commented: “I so admire and respect everything that Jane Walton has built with her online marketplaces and share her desire for the success of her dealers and the entire industry. Partnering up to serve the community is very exciting as many dealers are limited in their online sales purely due to the administrative time and frustration in documenting, managing, posting, and tracking their stock online. The eCM solves these problems which in turn enables new dealers to join DC and The Hoarde Vintage, and existing dealers to post more often with greater ease. The more often dealers post, the more dealers see consistent sales, so everyone truly wins.”

ANF is delighted to be part of the growth of Ronati as partners and colleagues of Ronati and we are excited about the announcement of this partnership with Jane’s very successful platforms. This first of many partnerships across the international marketplace landscape demonstrates the confidence in Ronati as a company and as a much needed fixture for the antiques trade which ironically finds that tech products are now the bedrock of the industry.

Ronati emanates from a highly successful blueprint in the design industry where Stacey Tiveron was a trailblazing pioneer for tech products to help US designers back in the 90s with her original company, when eBay was just a fledgling company. The Ronati trademark of Celebrating the Unique underscores the migration of her 20 years of expertise in the design industry to the unique landscape of the antiques and one of a kind business.

Article originally published by Antiques News + Fairs

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