Hull Record Fair returns for twelfth year in ‘best venue in the UK’

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The ever-popular Hull Record Fair is back and ready for its 12th year where it expects to host another 1,000 collectors.

With music lover Gary Marks of Wrecking Ball Music and Books at the helm, the event has been hosted at a multitude of venues since 2011, including Station Hotel and Fruit before taking a new home at Hull Minster in Trinity Square.

Described as “the best venue in England” for a record fair, more than a thousand people have turned up to each event which is fast becoming one of the most popular record fairs in the country.

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Relocating to Trinity was a stroke of both luck and genius after it was forced to find a new home following Fruits’ transformation into Social. While Gary was wrapping up a show at The Welly, a minister from the church in full religious garb approached him to offer the fair a new home.

The fair’s demographic of visitors broadens year after year, from teens to those who were around in The Beatles’ heyday, showing the transcendence that music entails. Records have also been rising in popularity too and 2022 was the 15th consecutive year of increased vinyl sales to 5.5 million units.

Hull Record Fair poster (Image: Hull Record Fair)

Speaking to Hull Live, Gary said: “It’s nice to have more people involved The Fair is a gathering of dealers across the north, it’s a mixture of locals and out-of-town professional dealers. We have people from Leeds, Manchester, and Thirsk coming down with a tonne of vinyl with them.”

“It’s a great mix those who come in, you get those coming for a great bargain and the more serious collectors coming in trying to find that illusive press first of Led Zepplin IV, it caters to everyone and their price range. With it being free entry, people will come in for a browse and those coming in from out of town, it brings everyone into the city centre and the pubs and businesses will all benefit from the Fair.”

It’s been a hard few years for the Hull Record Fair, with multiple cancellations due to the pandemic. The recent passing of The Queen meant an event had to be postponed because it was due to take place during the week of mourning.

Now, things are looking brighter. Explaining why the record fair continues to entice visitors, he said: “When you buy online from eBay or Amazon, you don’t get to check the condition too, by the time it gets to you it could be warped, here you get to check out the condition of the singles and albums before you take it home”

Hull Record Fair takes place from 10 am to 3 pm on February 11 at Hull Minster, with free entry and no need to book.

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