An Antique Lover’s Guide to Cambridge

An Antique Lover’s Guide to Cambridge

As one of the oldest and most culturally rich areas in the UK, Cambridge is home to a number of historic establishments that specialise in providing collectors and enthusiasts from around the world with some of the rarest and most beautiful antiques in the country.

During your time at our hotels in Cambridge UK, you’ll find that Clayton Hotel Cambridge is located close to a number of specialist antique dealers that stock a wide range of goods spanning from vintage vinyl players to classic paintings. If you’re a fan of antiques, you’re sure to find a new addition to your collection at one of these popular establishments.

The Hive

Gwydir Street, Cambridge

If you ask anyone living in Cambridge or the surrounding area where the best place to get your hands on some beautiful antiques is, more often than not they will point you in the direction of Gwydir Street in the heart of the town. There you will find The Hive, a quaint shop that boasts an amazing selection of antiques ranging from 19th-century rugs to Victorian dressers. Located a short trip away from Clayton Hotel Cambridge, you’ll find the shop nestled on a bustling high street. As you step into The Hive you’ll discover a world of historic treasure in which you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

The Old Chemist Shop

Mill Road, Cambridge

If you’re looking for vibrant antiques from a slightly more contemporary era, you’ll find an array of wonderful hidden treasures at The Old Chemist Shop. The popular antique centre is a hotspot for local collectors looking to stay on trend with the vintage movement. Find a collection of classic children’s toys from the 20th century that’s full of potential Christmas gifts. Browse the selection of vintage dining ware to find something new to add to your collection.

John Beazer Antiques

Regent Street, Cambridge

You’ll struggle to find a more diverse mixture of antiques than at John Beazer on Regent Street. This family-run antique dealer has been providing local collectors and visiting enthusiasts with all kinds of historic treasure for decades and has become a household name in Cambridge’s arts community. Specialising in rare and reconditioned objects, the shop is constantly bringing in new items that are often sold just as quick as they are bought. If you’re planning to redecorate your home or improve the aesthetic of a room, you’ll find everything from classic artwork and decorative accessories to ebony tables and Victorian chairs. It’s easy to find yourself browsing for hours at this beautiful antique shop.

Waterside Antiques

Waterside, Ely

This quaint little antique offering is a little outside of the city centre but is absolutely worth the trip. Located in the neighbouring town of Ely, Waterside Antiques offers collectors a modest but varied range of rare pieces to choose from. This specialist dealer has been operating in the area for decades and has become a favourite amongst locals thanks to the friendly service and expert advice. Be sure to head over on your travels around Cambridgeshire to try and find yourself a bargain.