Cookies Policy

Asia Book Company Limited (the “Company”) may use Cookies and other similar technologies for collecting your data while you are using services or visiting the Company’s website www.asiabooks.com which include visiting or using through the other channels such as mobile application (collectively called the “Site”) for improving Site and your experience in visiting the Site.

Usage of Cookies for Collecting Data

What are Cookies?

Cookies are a type of files comprising of texts. Cookies will be created when user accesses to the website in which the server has created Cookies. Cookies will be stored in your browser when you visit that website in which Cookies’ content can be retrieved or read only by the server that created such Cookies and such content will be sent back to the original website of each visit. Texts contained in Cookies typically consist of identifiable data, website’s name and some numbers and texts. Cookies will store details of the website’s browsing behaviour and what is frequently chosen by you and your browser.Most of the browsers support the use of Cookies. However, you can set or adjust your browser’s setting for avoiding using or transmitting some data for Cookies and/or deleting data stored in the Cookies at any time.

Why do we use Cookies?

The Company uses Cookies on the Site to collect data from those who visit the Site and use services on the Site. Cookies will help Company realize your purpose of using the Site, how you interact with Site’s content which will eventually help Company be able to improve your experience in using the Site.

What category of Cookies used by the Company?

While visiting or using services of the Site, you may find the Company’s use of the following Cookies:

Advertising Cookies

Advertising Cookies will be stored in your browser by ad servers for promoting and advertising the products to you. Ad servers will use these category of Cookies for collecting your data while visiting the Site or other websites and will select advertisement to be presented to your browser. They will then collect data on whether the advertisement has been viewed or not. Cookies may use data transmitted in online media and content collected from the services to understand user’s requirement for purpose of website customization and advertising campaigns to suit your interests.

Analytical Cookies and measuring performance

Analytical Cookies are used to analyze which channel users/site visitors access to the Site, what category of response to the Site and which Site’s content is viewed. These category of Cookies will help Company collect data and be informed which operations/features of the Site that operate the best and which operations/features of the Site should be improved for better performance of the Site. These Cookies allow Company to measure performance such as processing the number of pages you have accessed and the number of specific group of users. Such data will be used to analyze user’s behavior patterns.

Company’s Cookies

Company’s Cookies are called “Site Owner’s Cookies”. These Cookies are necessary for the Site in order for the Site to operate properly and normally.In case of no Site Owner’s Cookies or you choose to disable function of these Cookies in your browser, it may result in malfunction of the Site.

User’s Preference Cookies

These Cookies are used to enable the Site to memorize, determine and setup personalization of person who visited/used services on the Site. Also, these Cookies are used to keep tracking record of websites viewed by the user and memorize personal preference of the user of each visit on such websites for those who visited the Site and returned back are not required to set up again, for example, language or text setting appeared on the website that you had visited.

Security Cookies

Securities Cookies are used to identify and protect from security risk. The Company use Cookies to identify user and prevent users and their exercise of rights/services from unauthorized or illegal use against user’s data from third party.

Site Management Cookies

These Cookies are used to enable the Site to acknowledge and identify your data and identity all the times while you are using services on the Site for preventing you from unexpected disconnection from the Site. You are unable to inactivate only these Cookies. If you wish to do so, all categorys of other Cookies will be altogether inactive.

Third Party’s Cookies

These Cookies may be stored in your browser when you visit websites in which services are provided by several companies, including ours. These Cookies allow third parties whose services are provided on that website to collect your data as well.

Details of Cookies used in Company’s Site

Cookies Customization

If you wish to disable and de-authorize used on Company’s Site, you can do so by following the procedure as stated for each browser that you are using. You can choose to check a procedure for each browser as follows:

For Computer

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

For mobile phone/tablet

  • Safari for ios
  • Chrome for android
  • Chrome for ios

Other Websites

This website may contain a link to other website. If you press a link to another website, it may allow third parties to collect and disclose your data. The Company has no control over those other websites and is not responsible for any privacy statement of those websites. When you leave Company’s website, it is recommended that you read privacy statement of every website you visit.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Please be informed that any collection of your data through Cookies in which some data are regarded as personal data (as shown in the above table). Therefore, any use of Cookies for collecting personal data will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Protection Policy of the Company. You may consider details relating to your personal data protection at Personal Data Protection Policy

Revision of this Policy

The Company reserves the right to revise this policy as it deems reasonably necessary. Upon the revision, you will be informed of such revision by the Company (identified as the “Latest Revision Version” of the policy that applies). Any revision or modification to this policy will be effective immediately once the Company announces on the Site.The Company encourages you to thoroughly read and understand this policy in order for you to understand your right and Company’s working procedure. Please be noted that once the Company notifies you of any policy revision and you click “accept” button to acknowledge the Latest Revision Version of this policy announced on this Site together with your continuance of using or visiting the Site, in such cases, it shall be deemed that you have voluntarily given a consent and agreed that the Latest Revision Version of the policy will be applied and binding upon you in all aspects.

Contact Us

If you wish to exercise any of your rights as specified in section “Right of Data Subject” as aforementioned, you can inform the Company of your intention to exercise such rights through the following channels of Company:

The Company’s Personal Data Protection Working Team

Asia Book Company Limited Data Protection Officer: Data Protection OfficerE-mail: [email protected]Please specify the e-mail subject: “Informing the intention to exercise the right of the personal data owner.”Address: 99 Soi Rubia, Sukhumvit 42 Road, Phrakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand