Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt (Updated 2023)

Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt (Updated 2023)

Best Buy

When the first Best Buy opened in 1966 as a single audio products store, the owners probably didn’t guess that it would become one of the largest electronics retailers in the country with 1,036 stores across the United States.

People shop at Best Buy since they know the name and its good reputation.

However, even a great retailer can’t prevent you from buying the wrong product.

Luckily, you can return it, right? What if you don’t have a receipt?

We will cover Best Buy’s return policy in detail, including their return policy in case you forgot your receipt.

Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt

Best Buy on July 23, 2017 in Orlando, Florida

Best Buy sells just about any residential electronic device you could want, including laptops, speakers, washers, and cellphones.

Electronics don’t come cheap, making it important to understand Best Buy’s return policy before you make any purchase, but especially an expensive purchase.

It gets even more complicated when you consider how delicate many electronics are.

What happens if you try to return something with a small scratch on it, or what if you open the packaging for copyrighted material?

Depending on the product, you can return your Best Buy item without a receipt within 14 days if (and only if) you have alternative proof of purchase, such as packing slips or credit card statements.

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not have an internal system to look up your receipt for you.

You must have your government-issued ID with you, whether you have a receipt or not, so that Best Buy can track returns and recognize red flags.

All products you attempt to return without a receipt must be in working condition.

You must also still have the original packaging and all accessories.

Best Buy can deny returns at its discretion.

However, the company tends to do what it can to make the customer happy when dealing with a low-risk situation.

1. Holiday Return Period

The holidays get busy.

Some people also don’t know how to pick the best present.

However, Best Buy wants to be as accommodating as possible for their customers by extending their return policy around the holidays.

For this upcoming season, any purchases made between October 16, 2021 and January 2, 2022 have until January 16, 2022 for a return.

2. Restocking Fees

Numerous items Best Buy sells will have a restocking fee.

See the following restocking fees on popular items:

  • Drones: 15%
  • DSLR Cameras: 15%
  • Projectors: 15%
  • Smartphones: $45

3. Returning Gifts

Most gift recipients don’t want the giver to know if they don’t like the gift.

They prefer to return the item without the giver ever knowing.

When returning a gift at Best Buy, it’s important to return it in-store where you will get store credit without the giver being notified.

If you return the gift via mail, the giver will get a notification and a refund to the card they used, making them aware of the transaction.

Return gifts in-store to avoid an awkward conversation.

4. Refurbished Products/Preowned Products

When Best Buy sells a refurbished or preowned product, they anticipate that it will work like new.

For that reason, Best Buy uses the same return time frame for refurbished and preowned products as they do any other product.

Elite And Elite Plus Members

VIP member card holded by an elegant man in suit.

Best Buy offers a rewards card that allows customers to accumulate points on purchases.

Customers can redeem these points for products.

Best Buy Elite members earn $1 for every $1 they spend, and Best Buy Elite Plus members earn $1.25 for every $1 they spend.

Points are only awarded for qualifying products.

Another major perk of being a Best Buy Elite or Best Buy Elite Plus member is extra time to return your items.

Best Buy Elite members have 30 days to return most items.

Best Buy Elite Plus members have 45 days to return most items.

In order to qualify for Best Buy Elite membership, you must make $1,500 in purchases in one year.

To qualify for Best Buy Elite Plus membership, you must spend $3,000 in a year.

Special Cases

Best Buy Retail Location

Certain products come with specialized stipulations.

It’s important to know that in advance, especially if you aren’t 100% confident about your purchase.

1. Cellphones

Best Buy doesn’t have control over the return policy on cellphones.

Instead, they must adhere to each manufacturer’s return policy.

Consumers must return cellphones within 14 days, even if they have a Best Buy Elite or Best Buy Elite Plus membership.

2. Wedding Registry Items

It takes a long time to go through every present and write a thank you card after your wedding.

Your honeymoon alone may take days or weeks.

If you take longer than 14 days to realize that you don’t want the electric blanket your uncle gave you, you may think you are stuck with it, but you’d be wrong.

Best Buy provides 60 days for returns on all items purchased through a wedding registry (with the exception of cell phones) so that the happy couple can enjoy the newlywed life as opposed to spending time returning gifts.

For anyone confused about who would want to create a wedding registry at Best Buy, take a look at your options before you automatically register with Target or Crate & Barrel.

3. Special Orders

You may find yourself in a situation where you want an item your Best Buy store doesn’t have in stock.

No problem!

An associate can have the item delivered to the store for you.

If you need to return a special order, Best Buy will charge you a 15% fee for the delivery expenses.

4. No Returns, No Exceptions

Best Buy won’t take the following products back, no matter what:

  • “Final Sale” items: these items have the sign on them due to the need to remove the product. They don’t want the product back.
  • Digital media: digital media, such as downloaded movies or games, can’t be returned due to fear that customers can copy the disk and then return it.
  • Prepaid gift cards: all gift card sales are final.
  • Opened batteries: Consumables like batteries must come back in a perfect seal. Otherwise, how does Best Buy know you didn’t trade out depleted batteries for new ones?

Ways To Return Best Buy Products

Top view of deliveryman making notes in "return to vendor" delivery receipt at table

1. In-Store

Most customers benefit the best from an in-store return, especially if you don’t have a receipt.

You won’t have to pay for the return shipping or wait for the warehouse to process the return.

You can also take advantage of store credit at the moment.

2. Mail

Some people don’t want to go to a Best Buy store to process their return, so they opt to mail in the return instead.

You can print a prepaid label to return your product through UPS.

Once Best Buy processes the return, you will see your return in two to three days.

Do not think about trying to get away with “forgetting” an accessory or attempting to return a damaged item.

Best Buy will decline the return if they receive something they can’t accept.

How Will I Receive My Refund From Best Buy?

1. Card

In most cases, a refund will go back to the card the customer used to purchase the item.

Gift card purchases also have the funds returned directly to the card.

What happens if you don’t have your card anymore?

If you threw away the gift card you used to make your purchase, make sure the cashier knows this from the beginning.

They may be able to apply the funds to a new card.

2. Cash

Best Buy will allow you to receive cash for returns when you paid for the product in cash and also have a receipt.

For cash returns over $800, Best Buy will send you a check via mail as they can’t support the return and keep cash in the registers for customers.

The check will take seven to 10 days to arrive.

The same rules apply for checks and temporary cards without a logo when the purchase exceeds $250.

3. Store Credit

Ideally, you don’t mind getting store credit for your return.

With store credit, you can buy anything in the store.

Of course, you can’t put the money toward any other store.

Best Buy will always have something you want, so you’ll find some use for the store credit, even if you don’t use it right away.

How To Return Item In-Store At Best Buy Without A Receipt

woman thinking and looking upwards

Step One: Establish Reason For Return

Many people may try to return an item thinking that it’s broken but find out they didn’t operate it correctly.

If you think your item is broken but you don’t see any physical signs of damage, talk to a tech support representative who may shed some light on why it’s not working.

Step Two: Gather Packaging and Accessories

All Best Buy returns must have the original packaging and all accessories.

If you don’t have the packaging, your return may be denied.

Also, if you don’t have all of the accessories, you may get charged for the missing part.

Ideally, the product will be unopened in the unmarred packaging.

Step Three: Locate Proof Of Purchase

If you lose your receipt, you may think that you are out of luck when it comes to your return.

However, you can find other ways to obtain proof of your purchase.

You can get proof of purchase by accessing your bank account and printing out a copy of the purchase details.

If you bought the product online, you could also use the shipping label that came on the box.

Step Four: Verify You Possess A Valid ID

Best Buy requires an ID for returns.

They use the ID to record your personal information in their system so that they have details about the transaction and the customer (you).

You are responsible for bringing your ID with you to the store and verifying that the ID is valid (not expired).

It’s a good idea to check your wallet to ensure that you have the ID handy.

Step Five: Check For A Restocking Fee

Mentally prepare yourself in advance if you think you may incur a restocking fee.

Most items that have a restocking fee are either exceptionally large, expensive, or complicated.

At Best Buy, most restocking fees are 15%.

However, cellphone restocking fees come to a flat $45 no matter what.

Step Six: Process Return With Employee

Once you cover all of the details, you will go to your favorite Best Buy store with your item.

After waiting in line at the customer service desk, an employee will help process your return.

The process should take five to 10 minutes.

What To Do If Your Return Gets Denied

Young woman with shopping bags indoors home on sofa

On occasion, Best Buy employees must reject a return.

Some of the most common reasons a return will get rejected include:

  • Too many returns under your ID number
  • No packaging
  • Damaged product
  • Outside of return window

If this happens to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean the conversation is over.

If you absolutely must get your refund but got denied, try these techniques.

However, Best Buy’s return policy is simple compared to the return policies for some other retailers.

Best Buy is the only retailer that offers longer return periods for rewards members.

1. Talk To A Store Manager

Sometimes, store managers have a little more authority than the cashier at the customer service desk.

If you do ask to speak to a store manager, maintain a positive attitude throughout the interaction and explain your side.

The store manager will make their decision, and at that point, the decision in that store is pretty much final.

2. Contact Corporate

Store managers often must back up their employees and hit metrics that may encourage them to deny your claim.

If you think that your return should be accepted, you can try to plead your case to the corporate customer service over the phone.

3. Resell Product Independently

If nothing else seems to work and you’re stuck with an unwanted product, you can always sell the item independently.

Thanks to the internet, you can find numerous online platforms that will help you sell the product to locals in your area.

Two of the most popular platforms are eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Keep in mind that most people expect a deal when they buy a used product.

However, you may get something as opposed to nothing.

Best Buy Return Policy Vs. The Competition

Best Buy shop entrance to one of their locations in south San Francisco bay area

Best Buy has a lot of competition, including retail giants Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Out of the competition, Best Buy actually allows the shortest time frame for returns.


Everyone needs to make a return from time to time, and Best Buy understands that.

To give consumers time to return goods, Best Buy allows a 14-day return window on almost all products.

However, some products do have special stipulations or restocking fees.

You can return items via mail or in-store with customers and employees both preferring in-store returns.

Just remember that Best Buy has the right to deny returns per the employee’s discretion.

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