Customizing cardboard boxes is easy. Find out how!

Customizing cardboard boxes is easy. Find out how!
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Customizing Cardboard Boxes with BigStamping is sewing and singing

Tired of searching in internet for the best way to customize cardboard boxes? In BigStamping propose to you an easy, simple and economical solution with which you can give a unique and exclusive touch to your packaging, something that, without a doubt, is of interest to any brand that seeks to differentiate itself from the competition and be noticed among its customers.

Due to the pandemic, this last year, many brands have sought the best way to improve their visibility and thus achieve better results.

To provide a solution to this need, at BigStamping we offer a complete and versatile solution with which all types of brands can personalize cardboard boxes, paper bags and many other surfaces at the best price!

BigStamping: The best option on the market to customize cardboard boxes

At BigStamping, we are specialists in the manufacture of large stamps with which you can stamp your brand on all types of media. You can customize cardboard boxes with your logo, include it in kraft paper bags, t-shirts, labels and even masks, something that will increase the corporate image of your company.

In addition to our stamps (large and small), on this website we put at your disposal specific inks for each material (paper and cardboard, fabrics, plastics, etc.) and We offer you kits that, with palettes, rollers, acetates and inks to choose from, They are an excellent starting point for you to start stamping your brand where you want and when you want.

Custom boxes with BigStamping stamps and inksWe have to lead by example, that’s why our packaging is also personalized with our stamps and inks 😉

With the BigStamping stamps, you will forget about minimum print runs and storing large amounts of bags or boxes, since in addition to being a very economical system, it allows you to alternate between different sizes, formats and supports.

If you take a walk through our social networks, you will see the excellent results that are obtained by combining our stamps and our inks, and it is not something that we say!95% of our publications are photos or videos that our clients send us after being delighted with your purchase!

Do not hesitate to take a look at our gallery or our social profiles, you will understand that our stamps are different from anything you have seen before and that there is nothing like it on the market.

Maríatrifulca: A great brand that has opted for our products

And speaking of satisfied customers, we bring you here an example of our own city. Don’t let it be said that we are not prophets in our land 😉!

This is the case of Maríatrifulca, one of the most important restaurants in Seville. Located in the emblematic neighborhood of Triana and next to the banks of the Guadalquivir river, it is a place where you can enjoy views of the river and the most important monuments of the city at the same time while enjoying unique dishes from the sea and meats first quality.

Views Maria Trifulca SevilleThe impressive views of the Mariatrifulca restaurant in Seville

Like many other businesses in the hospitality sector during the pandemic, Mariatrifulca has strengthened its department of food delivery To improve their visibility in the city (which was already enormous) and to make each shipment more profitable (with personalized packaging you advertise while delivering your products), they chose us as the solution they were looking for to customize the cardboard boxes with which they deliver their excellent products to their customers.

In their case, they opted for our best seller: the 21x15cm BigStamping stamp that is included in the Super Stamping Kit.

With it, and as we have already said, in addition to boxes and paper bags, they can stamp their brand on a multitude of supports, making their investment even more profitable. And you?Do you dare to get one? What do you need to stamp? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and make it very easy for you!