Our Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas to Inspire You

Our Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas to Inspire You

Our Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas to Inspire You

Planning a baby shower for someone special is such an honor. You’re getting ready to welcome a new baby to the family or to celebrate the growing family of a close friend or loved one. Get your guests excited to celebrate with you right from the start with baby shower invitations that are full of joy.

To help you create beautiful, fun, and thoughtful baby shower invites we’ve brought together our tips on what to include. There are also plenty of baby shower invitation wording ideas you can personalize for your guest of honor.

What to Include on a Baby Shower Invitation

With a new baby on the way, a baby shower is one of the most lovely events to plan. To help you get those invites out the door, here’s everything you need to include on your baby shower invitations.

Type of Baby Shower

With so many variations on the baby shower, it’s a good idea to let your guests know what to expect. Make it clear on your invitation whether it’s a baby shower in honor of the mother-to-be or a coed baby shower for both parents. Maybe it’s a baby sprinkle instead of a full-blown baby shower or maybe you’re celebrating the birth of twins. If it’s a gender reveal party, get guests excited early by mentioning it on your baby shower invitations.

Date and Time

It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget the basics. Include the date and time of the baby shower on your invite so everyone knows when to join you to celebrate. Add the day of the week to your invite too so it’s easier for people to remember. Make it clear whether it’s a morning, afternoon, or evening get-together. If you’re welcoming guests from multiple time zones or hosting a virtual baby shower, include the time zone here too.


Along with the date and time, the party location is another essential to include. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower at your home for a close friend or renting out a restaurant for a decadent dinner for your sister, your guests will need to know where to find you. Even if your guests know the location, it doesn’t hurt to include a full address and zip code. If you’re welcoming out-of-town guests, add a line with some brief travel directions from further away and recommendations for hotels nearby.

RSVP Details

Your guests will be eager to say yes to joining you for this magical moment. Make it easy for guests to RSVP by including clear details on how to do it. Include a name, plus a couple of ways of confirming their RSVP — like email or phone. If you’re sending digital invitations, you can easily request and manage RSVPs online.

Food and Drink

If your party is during lunch or dinner time, guests might be wondering whether food is being served. Avoid lots of questions by mentioning whether you’re serving food or not on your invites. If you’re not, guests can plan around this and eat before or after your celebration. You could also use this as a chance to bring everyone together by suggesting people bring a dish or dessert for the table.

Registry Details

If your guests of honor have a baby registry, include the details on your invite. If you’re sending an online invitation you could include a link to their registry, or leave details about the stores where the parents-to-be are registered. This way your guests can choose a special gift they know the guest of honor will love.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Not sure how to word your baby shower invitations? We’ve got you sorted! Find inspiration for your invites with these baby shower invitation wording examples.

For Boys

If your guests of honor are expecting a beautiful baby boy, here are some baby shower wording ideas and invitations to inspire you.

  • It’s nearly time to welcome another little man to the family! Join us as we celebrate (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name)’s wonderful news.
  • Oh boy! Let’s get together and pamper (mom’s name) before she’s outnumbered!
  • We’re about to welcome a son … join us for a party full of fun!
  • It’s a boy! Join us for a baby shower to celebrate (mom’s name) ahead of her lovely little boy’s arrival.

For Girls

Get your guest list excited about the arrival of a little girl with these adorable baby shower invitation ideas.

  • What do you get when you mix sugar, spice, and everything nice? (Parent’s name) is expecting a baby girl! Join us on (date) to celebrate.
  • Let’s make it a date to celebrate (mom’s name) and her beautiful new daughter.
  • Tickled pink! Join us to honor (mom’s name) and treat her to a special day full of joy and love.
  • There’s a sweet baby girl on the way for (parent’s name)!

For Twins

Sprinkle plenty of love ahead of a twin baby shower with these lovely, fun, uplifting words.

  • Double trouble! Celebrate with us as we shower (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name) with joy and good wishes for the future.
  • So many little fingers and little toes to count! Join us on (date) to celebrate before our twins arrive!
  • With two on the way, let’s get ready to play! Celebrate with us on (date) to honor (parent’s name)’s new arrivals with a fun-filled bash.
  • Double the joy! Join us to honor (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name) as they embark on their new journey as twin parents.

Gender Neutral

Celebrate the imminent arrival of a gorgeous little baby with these fun, sweet, and thoughtful words.

  • It’s not long now until we meet our little one. Join us at (location) on (date) to celebrate and make new memories ahead of our family expansion.
  • With tiny hands and tiny feet, there’s someone we’re so eager to meet!
  • Oh baby! Celebrate with us on (date) to honor our mom-to-be’s growing family.
  • It’s almost baby time! Let’s get one last celebration in before our new arrival is here.

Baby Sprinkle

Hosting a baby sprinkle? These lovely words should help inspire you to create a baby shower invitation full of joy.

  • Twinkle, twinkle, join us for a baby sprinkle!
  • Sprinkle our friends (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name) with love ahead of their new bundle of joy.
  • Let’s sprinkle (mom’s name) with good fortune for her growing family!
  • Join us on (date) for a sweet baby sprinkle!

Virtual Baby Shower

Bring plenty of joy to your virtual baby shower with these sweet words, designed to connect everyone to celebrate the new arrival — no matter the distance.

  • Get your webcams ready — it’s a date! Join us on (date) to throw a fun-filled baby shower for our guests of honor.
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star, let’s shower (parent’s name) with love from afar. Join us on (date) for a virtual baby shower like no other.
  • We may not be able to meet in person, but let’s throw (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name) the best virtual baby shower in the world!
  • Baby can’t wait! Let’s celebrate with a virtual baby shower!

Gender Reveal

Planning a gender reveal party? Get your guests excited with these fun baby shower wording ideas for gender reveal invitations.

  • Boy or girl? Join us on (date) to find out more about (parent’s name) and (second parent’s name)’s bundle of joy!
  • Ready for a reveal? Let’s find out together with a gender reveal party for (parent’s name).
  • A baby is due — will the cake be pink or blue? Let’s see!
  • Team pink or team blue? Get your guesses ready and join us on (date) to find out!

Ace Your Baby Shower Invitation Wording

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect words to match your baby shower invites. With a gorgeous invitation design, the essential details, and a beautiful quote to match, your guests will be jumping at the opportunity to RSVP. Sprinkle the joy ahead of the celebration with your personalized invitations, and soak up the good vibes as you plan, host, and celebrate with your guests on the big day.