Paris Flea Markets Hints & Tips

The Markets at the Puces

Rue des Rosiers from the Right Side

Along Rue des Rosiers, there are several interesting shops, selling Art Deco furniture, fireplaces, mirrors and ‘interesting decorative furniture’.Madelyn has bought mirrors and some furniture at the second mirror dealer on the right, which offers a great selection at very reasonable prices. Much further down on the left, before Serpette, is a shop that sells interesting decorative pieces, paintings, garden pieces, etc, and is well worth having a good look around.

Find Marché Vernaison, 99 Rue des Rosiers, and the smaller Marché Antica first on your right. Vernaison is a wonderful, winding market where you can find anything from furniture to beads, to missing parts from antique commodes, textiles, paintings, antique toys etc. It feels enormous and you can get lost wandering down the alleyways. If you’re looking for paintings and smaller objects, this is often the place to go. You will find economically priced country-style furniture here, as well as gems such as beautiful linens, paintings and decorative objects.

Marché Antica, 99 Rue des Rosiers, has a few dealers, a good Art Deco stand, several stands selling paintings and porcelain and a larger one that sells Chinese furniture.

Marché Biron, 85 Rue des Rosiers, is next on your right. There are two sides to the market. On the left side, you can find hundreds of nice pieces of wood furniture, most in a country style. They are not always the cheapest stalls, but the selection is vast. The right side of Biron has more gilded Louis XV and Louis XVI, Empire-style furniture.

Marché Cambo, 75 Rue des Rosiers, is a market with approximately 20 dealers and many of them eat together outside one of the stalls at lunch.It’s a little harder to find as it looks like a warehouse, so watch for the sign after Marche Biron.

Rue des Rosiers from the Left Side:

Starting on the left from the the top of Rue des Rosiers, find Marché Malassis, 142 Rue des Rosiers, selling furniture and objects from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as silver, Asian and archeological pieces. There are beautiful objects here, but be sure to save your energy for Serpette and Biron which are further on.

Marché Dauphine, 140 Rue des Rosiers, is next on your left and it is the newest, most eclectic market. Here, you will find everything from rare antiques, to decorative furniture pieces, to books, prints, funky art and vintage clothing, to rugs and garden pots.A Paris Perfect favourite area consists of two dealers on the far right alley, as you face the Marché Dauphine. These few shops have some quality antiques and also some nice decorative pieces.

Marché Serpette and Marché Paul Bert:

Serpette: 110 Rue des Rosiers

Paul Bert: 96 Rue des Rosiers and 18 Rue Paul Bert

These two offer an enormous selection of furniture, prints, paintings, mirrors, antique luggage, vintage clothing, hardware, art deco furniture and hardware, kitchen goods, etc. We have a few favorite dealers, and have bought mirrors, dressers, armchairs, prints, footstools, tables, soap dishes, antique hooks and more from this dealer. Bill Gates is even known to have shopped for his house in Seattle here!

Paul Bert has a combination of traditional dealers, plus some more slightly kitsch ones that sell 50’s and 60’s furniture. There is a large kitchen store in the back allies behind Serpette; prices are not cheap, but the selection is wonderful. Just think about finding a wonderful chaise longue to style up your place back home! Take a look at our blog links at the end of this page to see how Madelyn has restyled some Paris Perfect apartments hunting for treasure at Paris’s Flea Markets.

L’Entrepôt is next on your left and tends to sell much larger pieces, architectural pieces, staircases and marble table tops. Always worth a visit if you’re furnishing a large home.

Marché Jules Vallès

7-9 Rue Jules Vallès is behind Paul Bert and Marché Serpette and sells antiques, small items, records, religious art. The atmosphere here is more bric-à-brac and thrift shop atmosphere.

Many of the antiques for our apartments come from The Puces and we hope you find it as enjoyable as we do!