29 Cool Things to Buy with 10 Dollars

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

The wait for the ultimate list of cool things for 10 dollars is over!

The exclusive list is here.

So far, we have seen the cool, funky, and fun stuff to buy with 20 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars, 75 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 300 dollars, 500 dollars, and even a grand.

Now, if you are wondering, “what can I buy with 10 dollars”, it’s your turn to have fun.

As it’s time to take a look at the very lower end of the spectrum – 10-dollar items only!

It’s time for even more fun!

Let’s see the finest line-up of gifts and stuff for 10 dollars only!

1. Stainless Steel Switch-Blade Folding Pocket Comb

This product here is the answer to those who think hair grooming can’t be compact, edgy, and stylish at the same time. You read the name right.

This is a damn switchblade folding pocket comb! Haters beware.

As expected, it unfolds with the press of a switch. It’s even equipped with a lock switch to prevent accidental release. This 9-inch-long accessory has style written all over it. With a folded length of five inches, it can easily fit inside your pocket.

What can be cooler than this nifty little thing that’s well under dollar 10?

2. Over the Door Hanger Hooks-Kitty Cat-20 Pound

They say cats can keep your life from falling apart. Well, if that’s even remotely true, this kitty cat here can definitely hold your clothes from falling down on the floor.

The nice little door hanger can take weights up to 20 pounds. Now that’s one strong feline.

This baby here can literally be installed in seconds. Being approximately 9.84 inches long x 6 inches wide x 1.75 inches high, it can easily fit the back of your door. Get this mighty little kitty to hold your clothes and towels at a really affordable price. It’s one of those things under 10 dollars that anyone would love to have.

3. Sand Timer 5 Minute Hourglass Timer

At this point, you might be thinking I’m really hung up on the five-minute things. But come on, just look at this thing. It can really be handy during any pop quiz in your class. Yeah, watches are great. But hourglasses are way cooler.

It also looks pretty nice as a desk showpiece.

This shock-resistant hourglass timer is made of durable PVC, high borosilicate glass, sea sand, and a protective cover. It means, that’ll be really hard to break.

4. Tetris Refrigerator Magnets

This Tetris set of 49 pieces can be a fun plaything for both adults & kids over 6 years.

Kids will love matching the colorful pieces & the magnet will prevent kids from making a mess. Adults will be nostalgic to get this as it will invoke childhood memories.

These magnets can be attached in many places such as fridges, school lockers, office whiteboards, etc.

5. Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

Apart from the analog clock wall compartment thing, this has to be the fakest and sneakiest thing on the list so far. This key holder literally looks and feels like a rock. Even you might get confused about which rock you put your key in. Let alone thieves.

It’s easy to place (secretively) among shrubs of other vegetation too. Not to mention, it’s wind and weatherproof. One of the coolest possible ways to hide your backdoor keys ever.

6. Dog-Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Molds and Tray

These dog-shaped silicon molds for ice cubes will surely make your friend laugh. This will be the conversation starter for your friend’s parties. I mean who can see a dog-shaped ice cube and not ask any question about it?

The ice cubes can be removed from the mold easily. The mold is made up of 100% food-grade silicone so it’s totally safe to use.

7. PASTASAURUS Pasta Server

Know a friend who is a pasta lover & obsessed with dinosaurs? Well, then this Pastasaurus pasta server is the best gift for them.

This item is equally funny & usable. This will entertain your friends & guests every time you serve pasta. This can be used as a toy for kids as well. This server is dishwasher friendly so it’s easy to use & clean.

8. Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Board

Photographers say “Smile & say cheese!” before taking a picture but you will do that in real life when you cut cheese with this adorable cheese board.

This heart-shaped cheese cutting board will melt anyone’s heart. The bamboo used to make this board is of high quality & durable. It’s perfect to showcase at any party.

9. Magnetic Wristband

Why settle for an average wristband when you can have something way more efficient? Made with 1680D ballistic polyester, this magnetic wristband is especially embedded with ten strong magnets. It also includes two small pockets where the plastic parts are meant to be placed.

If you’re into craftsmanship, you’ll be glad to know that small metal objects, small tools, screws, nails, and a whole bunch of other stuff can easily be placed inside the band. Plus, the breathable mesh and lightweight design make it really comfortable to wear.

10. Kung Fu Cell Phone Stand

What can be cooler than this bamboo Kung Fu-shaped cell phone holder for a cool person like you? We are all mostly at home spending time with our phones more than ever. It’s tiring to hold the phone with your hands all the time.

A cell phone stand will be the perfect solution for your phone binging. The craftsmen ship of this bamboo piece is great.

11. Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

The ever-ongoing debate of adding cereal before milk or milk before cereal will probably never end but the main concern has always been about the sogginess of the cereal. Now there is a Godsend bowl that keeps your cereal always crunchy. For things under 10 dollars, what can be cooler than this?

There is a chance of you becoming your friend’s favorite person if you gift them this anti-soggy cereal bowl. This bowl can be used for other food products as well.

12. Sloth Tea Infuser

This eco-friendly slow brew sloth tea infuser is perfect to make an ideal cup of tea.

It’s perfect for any tea lover. The sloth shape of the infuser is cute & funny. We all feel like a sloth sometimes. This will put a wide smile on your face whenever you make tea for sure.

This item is non-toxic & reusable. You will enjoy a great cup of tea without any waste.

13. Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

If you are a heavy sleeper then this motion-activated toilet night light is for you. Nobody likes to face the full glare of light half asleep.

This toilet light is motion-activated. So no hassle of looking for the light switch & fully waking up in the middle of the night. This light is heavy water-resistant and can be cleaned using regular household products.

14. VETOUR 24pcs Flameless Tea Lights Candles

Well, as basic as this may look and sound, it can actually be a very good replacement for the real thing. Minus the hassle and fire hazard probabilities. Straight out of the box you’ll get 24 pieces of LED tea light candles. It’ll work just fine if you want to create that romantic environment for your partner.

You can sleep at ease without having to worry whether you blew out the candles or not. The interesting part is, the high-capacity CR2032 batteries make these last for about 100 hours. Now that’s something for only 10 dollars!

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15. Chilling Stones

These beautiful chilling stones are perfect for chilling a drink without spoiling it with ice water.

If you are a person who enjoys chilled drinks then this is the item you need. These grey chilling stones are reusable and come in a pouch.

It will preserve the flavor of any drink while keeping it cool. These chilling stones are made up of natural soapstone.

16. Guitar Pick – Custom Any Message

Are you into music and love playing your guitar? How about using a personalized pick next time you play your favorite tunes? This guitar pick is 22 gauge in size & the material is stainless steel. You can customize any message in the pick.

It can also be a perfect keepsake for anyone you love. It comes in an adorable organza bag so you won’t have to worry about the packaging if you want to gift it to someone.

17. LED Cactus Light

This cute battery-operated LED cactus light is super cute. It will be a nice addition to your home décor. This cactus light can be hung on the wall or placed on the table.

It will give a cute green touch to your décor. It’s very eye-catching and your cactus fanatic friends and family will love it.

18. Mouse Door Stop Wedge

This cute mouse door stop wedge is perfect for anyone with a sense of humor. This mouse creates an adorable humming sound and the design is super cute.

It’s not suitable for heavy doors. You can wedge it underneath the door. It can also be used as a decorative item beside the desktop or in the car.

19. Shark Bite Can Coolie

This adorable & realistic-looking shark bite coolie is perfect to keep the drink cold. It’s ideal for can sodas.

You will love it & find it extremely funny. It’s made up of foam material so it’s easily bendable & not hard. The teeth of the shark clinging to the can gives a fun look to it.

20. Precision Screwdriver Set

Are you an electronics fanatic? Always trying to fix phones, tablets & other electronic gadgets? Then this is the perfect 10-dollar item for you.

This multipurpose precision screwdriver set is useful, handy, and totally affordable.

You can also inspire your friend to become a great technician if you gift this to them.

21. The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Do you have a friend who is a nerd and loves to play with words? Well, this is the best alphabet book for them. It takes a look into the bizarreness of the English language e.g. “gnat” starting with G but “knot” starting with N. Your geeky friend will love spending their time exploring this book.

22. Travel Life Journal

A cool journal or diary can be one of the useful 10-dollar items that you can buy.

Everyone loves traveling. So, we have recommended here a travel-themed journal. It’s really for offering you an idea. You can buy any other kind of journal that you like. Most of the journals or diaries will fall under 10 dollars.

23. Moodycards – Funny Office Stuff

These humorous moody cards are going to make you and your friends chuckle. These affordable cards come with blank boards & erasable pens so that you can write your own funny messages.

These funny, moody quotes will light up your mood after a heavy day of work. You will be able to greet people with humor using these cards.

24. Sugar & Sweetener Holder

Who doesn’t love to sweeten their life & food? If you have a sweet tooth then this is the thing for you for under 10 dollars. This sugar & sweetener holder is stylish and adds a lovely touch to the existing décor.

It’s an organizer’s dream stuff The design of this holder is modern, simple & clean.

25. LAIMALA Cute Duck Baby Pacifier

Let’s admit, babies are cute. But not always. Especially when they need to be pacified. This little pacifier helps you to bring the cuteness back on. Quacks are better than screams I always say. If you like cute duckies, then you’ll love your baby even more with this adorable little toy.

The ABS + High-Grade Silicone material is safe and non-toxic for the baby. Also, the Silicone Orthodontic Nipple is a nice addition that really makes you feel secure.

26. Removable Vinyl Decal Stickers for Laptop

Stickers for laptops can be another cool option for spending 10 dollars. This sticker of the United States building is perfect for any Macbook Pro Air Mac 13″ user. This sticker is very aesthetically pleasing and includes famous monuments such as Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and others.

This will help protect the laptop as it’s waterproof, dustproof & oil-proof. It is easily removable & the sticker perfectly complements the apple logo.

27. I’ve Never Bar Cards

I’ve never bar cards game is a mixture of never have I ever & truth or dare games. It’s an outrageous drinking game perfect for college students.

This game will reveal so many secrets of your friend group with its 110 questions. You & your friend will have a blast playing this game. It also can be a perfect gift for a friend who likes to drink & party.

28. Paint by Sticker

If you are into artistic stuff, love doodling or painting, then it can be among the perfect things to buy with 10 dollars.

You will be able to recreate 12 vintage posters, with this sticker, one at a time. This will be a perfect time pass for you and your friends. These posters celebrate romantic places such as the Taj Mahal from India, canals & gondolas of Venice, Japan’s cherry blossoms, etc.

29. Wolf Modern Art Design Vinyl Sticker

This very aesthetically eye-pleasing vinyl sticker of a wolf gives a vibe of power & beauty. Your friend will love to own it. The wolf is designed in a modern art setting which looks pretty chic. The life of this sticker is between 3 to 5 years.

It’s a total steal for the price. The small size of the sticker makes it perfect for phones, helmets, laptops, etc.


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