Canada Postage Rates

1. Global Express Guaranteed

The USPS’s global express guaranteed mailing option is the fastest mail option available for mailing to Canada. It takes around 1 to 3 business days to deliver your mail internationally. In fact, an overnight delivery option is also available for mailing to many locations across Canada.

The cost to mail a letter to Canada through global express guaranteed starts at $67.80. It offers to track all the destinations and includes insurance of up to $100. The postage from the US to Canada using this mail option starts at $64.41 if you are a customer availing of the commercial plus or commercial base program. The prices are variable according to the weight, size, shape, and distance to be covered. A date-specific delivery is assured with an upfront money-back guarantee.

2. Priority Mail Express International

Being one of the most used mailing options, the priority mail express international service is highly reliable and fast. The postage to Canada, using this option, is determined by the weight of the package. Your mail will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days – which is the second-fastest delivery timeframe to mail something to Canada. The rates start from $45.95 for packages up to 4 pounds for mailing through the post office. The dimensions of the package should be 12.5″ x 9.5″.

For commercial base and commercial plus pricing, the rate starts at $42.85. All flat-rate envelopes to be sent using priority mail express international are charged in the same way as other packages. The USPS offers a free mail pickup service and includes free tracking with specific delivery options available.

3. Priority Mail International

The priority mail international option is cheaper than the priority mail express international option because of the increase in the number of days for delivery and the tracking options.

Typically, postcards, letters, and flat-rate boxes are sent to Canada using the priority mail international option. The delivery can take place between 6 to 10 business days. There is free USPS tracking available but without the estimated delivery date and specific delivery services. The postage from the US to Canada under this mail option starts at $36.35. This postage is all set to be increased to $37.60, owing to the price changes announced by the USPS. The rate offered under the commercial base and commercial plus pricing programs is $34.53.

4. Priority Mail International for Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes

For sending flat-rate envelopes, the postage rate is $26.90. The delivery timeframe and the tracking service are the same as other priority mail international parcels. The flat rate letter postage to Canada drops down to $25.55 for customers availing of pricing under the commercial base and commercial plus programs.

With effect from 24th January 2021 – the rate for sending flat rates envelopes using priority mail international is going to increase to $28.50.

All sizes of flat rate boxes can be sent using the priority mail option with the same delivery time period of between 6 to 10 days. However, the rates for every size are different and depend on the weight.

  • Mailing a small flat-rate box will cost you $27.90, which drops down to $26.50 for the commercial base and commercial plus customers. This postage to Canada will be increasing to $29.55 as per the new rates for 2021. Some accessories, small electronics, and brochures are considered small flat-rate boxes.
  • For all medium-sized flat-rate boxes, the postal charges amount to $51.55, which will be increased to $54.65. For pricing under the commercial plans, the rate is fixed at $48.95, which is also likely to increase from 24th January 2021. Things that are considered medium flat-rate boxes are shoes, AV equipment, clothes, office supplies, and small electronics.
  • If you need to send a large flat rate box, you need to pay the postage of $67.05, which will see a hike of $4 – making the priority mail international rate for large flat rate boxes rise to $71.05. The prior rate for commercial plans is $63.70, again, which is likely to increase. Laptops, board games, and several other large-sized items come under this category.

5. First Class Mail International

Letters, postcards, and flats can be sent through the USPS’s first-class mail international option. There are certain weight and size guidelines to be followed for mailing letters and postcards. Any item that crosses the size and weight limits cannot be sent through first-class mail international. This mailing option provided by USPS is the most affordable option for both domestic and international mailing.

The US postage rates and postage to Canada under first-class mail are affordable. Marketers commonly use this option for direct mail marketing. The USPS takes around 7 to 21 days to deliver mail through first-class mail international. The rate for sending a postcard or letter is merely around $1.20 – which is the cost to buy one global forever stamp offered by the USPS for international mailing. Flats are charged $2.40 as they require two such stamps.

6. First-Class Package International

First-class package international postage rates to Canada offer affordable pricing to mail lightweight packages. However, it is needed that the package’s weight is not more than 4 pounds, and its value does not exceed $400. There is free tracking offered for select countries like Canada. The first-class package international service also includes electronic delivery confirmation for shipping to select countries. The postage to Canada under this mailing service starts at $12.25.

For commercial base and commercial plus customers, the rate starts at $11.64. If you want to send products that weigh above 4 pounds, you can use airmail m-bags. The rate for sending mail with airmail m-bag packaging starts at $51.50. The delivery timeframe for the same varies according to the destination. The maximum weight that is allowed to use the airmail m-bag packaging for availing the first class package option is 66 pounds. You can easily send bundles of journals, magazines, catalogs, books, directories, and newspapers using this option.

For selecting from among the various mailing options, you need to determine your package type first. The USPS determines every size and shape of mail differently and has categorized it according to its weight and dimensions. The mailing option that you also select majorly depends on the delivery time. Most direct mail marketers determine the required timeframe for campaign completion before selecting the type and size of their direct mail. This step is done to be in control of the postage to Canada and the delivery time.

The USPS weighs all your mail items in ounces. They weigh it using a scale at their office. Hence, if you have a kitchen scale, you can weigh your mail beforehand and get an idea of Canada’s estimated postage rates.

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