The Decorative Collective antique marketplace

The Decorative Collective antique marketplace

OnBuy Funding RoundContinuing our Marketplaces series, today we look at The Decorative Collective.

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Marketplace Overview

The Decorative Collective was launched in 2009 by Jane Walton, a dealer herself. It is a busy and friendly online Marketplace, created to introduce buyers to dealers from the UK and Europe selling antique, mid-century and vintage furniture, lighting, mirrors, art and accessories for the Home and Garden.

On each product page, buyers can complete a contact form with their contact information and enquiry which will be sent directly to the Dealer who will respond. Each dealer is allowed to specify their own preferences for accepting payment and agreeing any storage of a piece. It’s also accepted that you might enquire about the dealers best price or make an offer for items you’re interested in. Some dealers also choose to make use of an option to offer PayPal for immediate purchases.

Seller registration and requirements

Dealers on The Decorative Collective have to be full time and professional Dealers, and carry sufficient stock to be able to regularly contribute to the site. Items must be of good quality, in good saleable condition and as described.

This marketplaces accepts both antique and 20th Century dealers and also consider those creating 21st Century items of non-mass-produced, hand made or bespoke items of quality.

Product listings and fulfillment

Dealers are provided with their own login to The Decorative Collective, giving you 24 hour access to manage the site yourself. Dealers load their own items and deal with enquiries from clients that are made via the site using the online enquiry form.

There is no limit overall as to how many items dealers can upload but they request a maximum of 5 items are loaded at any one time. There is a scheduling feature so you can set your items to go live over a period of time. This is so that everyone gets a chance to be seen, rather then a few dealers having an overbearing presence on the site and to give smaller dealers as good a chance as the larger ones.


Top level categories on The Decorative Collective are: Furniture; Lighting; Mirrors; Accessories & Textiles; Garden & Architectural; and Art, Sculpture & Photography.


There are no fees for listing or selling.

Members pay a monthly membership fee, which includes a yearly marketing levy and current fees are only disclosed to those making an application for membership.

Tamebay’s take on The Decorative Collective

The Decorative Collective is marketplace operated on a membership scheme rather than with a transactional fee based structure. It is designed for antique and collectibles dealers and as such many of the items will be high value, one off, extremely rare and extremely desirable.

This is not a mass market destination, but one that will attract buyers with high net worth looking for quality items and as such you’ll only find professional dealers from the UK and Europe featured on the site. These dealers may well sell on other online marketplaces as well as at physical auctions, but members’ best stock will be reserved for The Decorative Collection.