Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office?

Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office?

Although today we are accustomed to electronic letters, greeting cards, etc., it cannot be denied that old-fashioned postcards, letters, and greeting cards have different levels of feel and charm.

but, to mail your letters or cards to your loved ones living far away, you have to put stamps on them.

And if there is no USPS post office available around, you must be wondering…

  • What grocery stores sell stamps?
  • Where can I buy stamps besides the post office?
  • Where can I buy stamps other than the post office?

Don’t worry. I’ll be answering all your queries in this single article.

All Locations Who Sells Individual or Books of Stamps (Even on a Sunday)

Of course, the post office is the ideal place to buy stamps, but nowadays almost all major grocery stores and supermarkets sell stamps. Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, and pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid are the popular stores that sell stamps in this list.

One thing that you need to know is that all grocery stores and pharmacies sell stamps in bulk, in the form of booklets and rolls.

The second and more convenient place to buy stamps is online stores, such as Amazon, stamps.com and eBay, which offer stamp booklets, rolls and even individual stamps.

You can order from online stores and get them home-delivered if you don’t need them urgently.

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Do They Sell Stamps at Grocery Stores?

Surprising as it may sound, stamps are available at grocery stores. But it’s true that now, major grocery stores sell stamps. Although retail chain stores are not the first place to buy stamps, you can buy stamps at all major retail grocery stores.

In addition to stamps, other postal supplies, such as envelopes, paper, packing tape, pens, tape dispensers etc., can also be found in grocery stores. However, at grocery stores, you can only buy stamps in booklets and in bulk.

Each booklet contains 20 stamps. Grocery stores do not offer individual stamps. This may not be so economically viable as sometimes you only need one or two stamps, in which case buying a booklet of stamps is unnecessary.

There are better places for a single stamp than the grocery store. You should go to the post office. But, even buying a booklet of stamps saves you time. It will come in handy the next time you need a stamp.

Where Can You Buy Stamps in the Grocery Stores?

Where can you buy stamps in grocery stores? This is an important question. Well, most grocery stores are set up the same way. Everything is displayed in specific places, however, so there can be slight differences in the way things are arranged from store to store.

Stamps are generally sold at the cashier counter or checkout counter in grocery stores. So, you can buy stamps from there. When you go to the store for shopping, you can buy stamps at the cashier counter after purchasing other items.

This is very convenient. After buying whatever you want from the store, when you go to the cashier counter to pay, you will also buy stamps from there. You will then pay and check out of the store.

If you prefer online grocery shopping, you can choose grocery stores that provide the facility of online grocery shopping. You can order groceries as well as stamps there and avail of home delivery.

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Major Grocery Stores that Sell Stamps


Walmart sell stamps

Walmart retail chain stores sell USPS Forever and First-Class stamps. You can buy them from Walmart’s online stores, or you can get help from the customer service desk located inside Walmart stores for the same.

What Kind Of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

They sell stamps in booklets. You can buy a booklet of Forever stamps at Walmart for $12.60.

A booklet contains 20 Forever stamps. In addition to First-Class Forever stamps, Walmart also offers other stamps, such as American Flags, Flowers, Christmas, Hearts, and so on.

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Costco sell stamps

Costco is the best place to buy stamps in bulk. If you need to buy stamps in bulk, you may prefer Costco. It sells rolls of 100 stamps for cheaper than the post office.

Costco is the only company that sells stamps at a discounted rate compared to the post office. Costco offers a roll of 100 stamps for $62.75.

But, to shop at Costco, you will have to take a membership, for which you will have to pay annual membership fees. Depending on which membership level you choose, your membership fee will range from $60 to $120 per year.

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Safeway is a well-known grocery store that sells UPSC stamps. The stores are spread across the USA and Canada, and USPS First-Class forever stamps are available at every store.

Safeway is authorized to sell USPS stamps, and they sell booklets of 20 stamps.

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First-Class Forever stamps are available at every Publix grocery store. At the checkout counter, you can purchase stamps. The store sells booklets of First-Class Forever stamps, each containing 20 stamps. Only booklets of stamps are available at Safeway, and they cost $12.60.

Stamps often have the USPS Flag design. There are approximately 1,300 Safeway locations in the United States. There are more Safeway stores, especially in the Southeast United States. It would be convenient for those living there to purchase stamps from Safeway.

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Target sell postage stamps

Another large grocery store that sells stamps is Target. Stamp booklets, sheets, and coils are available at all large Target stores and most smaller Target stores. In addition to postage stamps, Target also sells labels, packaging, tape dispensers, envelopes – whatever you need to send a letter or package.

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USPS stamps are available at Kroger retail grocery stores. The cost of a pack of 20 Forever stamps at Kroger is about the same as at the USPS post office.

When you go to Kroger to make your essential purchases, you can also pick stamps to suit your postage needs. In the USA, Kroger runs approximately 3,000 stores in 35 states. Stamp sheets are offered in each shop.

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You can choose Wegmans stores for postage stamps. There are a number of Wegmans stores across the country that offer stamps. Wegmans sells Forever stamp booklets. Each booklet contains 20 stamps.


After a USPS post office, Winco may be the second-best choice if you’re seeking individual stamps. Winco is one of the few supermarkets that offer individual stamps.

You can purchase individual USPS stamps at any Winco store’s customer service desk. Additionally, stamp booklets are available at every checkout station in the store.

Dollar General

Dollar General store sell stamps as well.

Dollar General is a well-known supermarket that offers a wide variety of products, including food, beverages, beauty products and more. You can buy office supplies like envelopes, paper, pens etc.

But unfortunately, Dollar General doesn’t offer any stamps. So, you can go to Dollar General for your other purchases, but you’ll need to pick up another store for the stamp.

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Pharmacy Stores That Sell Stamps in 2023

Apart from grocery stores, you get more alternatives to buying stamps. So, after grocery stores, now comes pharmacy stores. A pharmacy may not be an ideal place to buy stamps, and people generally don’t prefer pharmacies to buy stamps. However, popular pharmacies in the United States sell stamps.

People often need to make pharmacy trips for medicines. From that aspect, the pharmacy can be a better place to buy and sell stamps. Here is a list of popular pharmacies in the USA that sell USPS stamps.


CVS sell postage stamps in 2023

CVS Pharmacy Inc. sells USPS stamps. This retail chain operates around 10,000 different locations across the country. So, there’s probably a CVS drugstore nearby. USPS stamps are among the many items the pharmacy stores stock. You can collect stamp booklets from CVS. At all CVS pharmacies, a book of stamps costs $12.60.

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Walgreens sell stamps in 2023

You’ll find Walgreens pharmacies everywhere in the USA. In America, Walgreens operates about 8,200 pharmacies. Thus, a Walgreens location must be close to your residence or workplace. Walgreens offers stamp booklets. They usually stock a small amount of USPS stamps.

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Rite Aid

2500 Rite Aid pharmacy stores spread across 19 US states. Rite Aid is another well-known pharmacy chain that can provide stamps for your needs. One stamp costs $0.63 at Rite Aid.

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They offer several different stamps for sale, such as USPS First-Class stamps, Forever stamps, and Global Forever stamps. A book of 20 stamps is available for $12.60 at the store. In California, Rite Aid is regarded as the top pharmacy selection.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Walgreens or CVS?

In 2023, the cost of one Forever stamp is $0.63. Walgreens ensures a savings of 5 cents per stamp when purchasing a booklet of stamps. You will only pay $11 for a book of 20 stamps.

What are the Online Stores That Sell Stamps?


The first online store that springs to mind when thinking about purchasing stamps online is Amazon. Amazon offers a large selection of stamps. You can choose from booklets, rolls, sheets, and coils of stamps from a wide range of vendors. Some stamps will be delivered on the same day as your order.

The minimum weight of the stamps contributes to extremely low shipping costs. In some cases, sellers offer stamps below cost to get rid of stock. If you need to send a lot of invitation cards, a great way to save money is to buy cheap stamps in bulk.


At Stamps.com, you can purchase stamps. On the website, ordering stamps and other supplies is a simple process. After creating an account, sign in. Following this, you order stamps based on your needs, and they will be delivered to your door.

Additionally, they offer free digital scales that you may use to estimate the number of stamps you’ll need, saving you money on postage. Besides, Stamps.com offers discounts on stamp purchases.

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Which is Cheaper: Amazon or Stamps.com?

If you only buy a few stamps, save time looking for the best stamp deals. You can select any website. But Amazon’s stamp collection is a fantastic choice if you need to purchase stamps often and in limited quantities.

On the other hand, Stamps.com offers stamps at a low price, and some related mail services are also offered. Stamps.com is recommended for bulk stamp orders, while Amazon is a great option for booklet stamp purchases.

What are the Gas Stations That Sell Stamps?

Some gas stations also sell USPS stamps. Here is a list of gas stations from where you can buy stamps.


7-Eleven sell stamps in USA

7-Eleven sells stamps; however, stamp stock may only be available at some locations. Whether stamps will be available at your chosen gas station depends to some extent on your luck.

Ask about selling stamps at the gas station cashier counter. Typically, 7-Eleven offers USPS postage stamps.

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QuikTrip & Kwik Trip

If you want to buy stamps after business hours, you can select QuikTrip & Kwik Trip. QuikTrip & Kwik Trip together have about 1,250 locations and are great alternatives to the post office. Inquire about stamps at the cashier counter.

Places That Don’t Sell Stamps

Although you have a great alternative of places to buy stamps, there are still some places where stamps are not available. Its list is given below:


USPS stamps will likely be sold in Staples stores in 2023. But Staples’ partnership with the USPS ended in 2017. Now, no Staples stores sell USPS stamps.

Dollar Tree

Over 15,000 Dollar Tree locations are spread across the country; however, they do not stock postage stamps. You can purchase other items at Dollar Tree except for stamps.


In the USA, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the three primary postal service companies. While FedEx can deliver letters or packages for people, they do not offer the postage stamps like their rivals, USPS and UPS.

Bank of America

Several banks or financial organizations sell postage stamps; however, Bank of America has yet to sell stamps. At any of their bank branches and ATMs, you cannot purchase stamps.

Chase Bank

Chase Bank is another significant banking organization that does not sell stamps. The provision of postage stamps is not a service provided by JPMorgan Chase or any of its subsidiaries. There are countless locations and ATMs for Chase Bank. So, this bank is expected to hold stamp sales in future.

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There are numerous locations in the USA where stamps are sold. Post offices, grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, and gas stations are a few places where you can buy stamps. The reach of marketing is expanding right now.

You can locate a variety of things in one location that was not before easily accessible. You can choose from any of the alternatives mentioned above to buy postage stamps.