Personalised Christmas Stamps

We can make your custom Christmas stamp from your own drawing or photo. We’ve made photo stamps from photos of dogs or other pets, including a Christmas message at no extra cost as the price depends on the size only and not the content of the custom stamp design.

When you make your own Christmas wrapping paper, it’s a really nice touch to have your personal design featured on your custom Christmas rubber stamps. You can then use your stamp and ink to decorate your gift wrap with your personal design or message.

Christmas Mini Stamps Kit

We make rubber stamp kits in the form of Christmas mini stamp kits. These usually consist of two stamp and two ink pads in a box. These mini kits are perfect for decorating homemade gift tags, card or wrapping paper. The kits will feature Christmas designs, such as Christmas tree rubber stamps, mistletoe stamps, snowflake stamps and many more. Ink pad colours can be gold and silver or red and green, as appropriate.

Christmas/ Gift Tag Stamps

Christmas gift tags and stamps can be either personalised Christmas rubber stamps, or standard Christmas stamps. Christmas gift tag stamps can be used to mark your gift tags with your personalised message, so you don’t have to keep writing the same message on all of your tags.

Christmas Postmark Stamps

A popular rubber stamp is a Christmas postmark stamp, personalised with your name or your family name, and can be used to mark the outside of Christmas card envelopes. This is a really nice way to personalise your homemade Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas Stamps

We have a large range of Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas rubber stamps. These text stamps can be produced in a wide range of fonts, or we can make up your very own custom Christmas text stamps with your own handwriting in any style – calligraphy rubber stamps or whatever you like. Merry Christmas stamps can also be personalised with your own name or address to make a Merry Christmas personalised stamp.

Christmas Kisses Stamps

We can make Christmas kisses stamp, usually with a mistletoe design with or without a personalised message. The custom message will create a personalised Christmas kisses stamp. This can be used to add a signature to your hand stamp Christmas cards, or to personalise your custom Christmas gift tags.

Leaping Hare Stamps

We made a range of personalised leaping hare Christmas rubber stamps. These can be personalised with you name or Christmas message or greeting and used to hand stamp your handmade Christmas cards. They can also be used to create personalised gift wrap.

Partridge Pear Stamps

We have a good range of partridge in a pear rubber stamps, as well as partridge rubber stamps. These can be used to create unique Christmas gift wrapping paper. You can have your partridge pear stamps personalised with a custom Christmas message or greeting and can use a metallic ink pad to personalise your handmade Christmas card and custom Christmas gift wrap.

Bear Winter Wishes Stamps

Another popular rubber stamp design is a bear winter wishes stamp. This is a very good stamp to use on a homemade custom Christmas stamp. The bear winter wishes stamp can be personalised if you wish with your private message or personalised Christmas greetings. You can also use your custom winter wishes bear stamp to create unusual custom Christmas gift wrap.

Dormouse Stamps

A more unusual Christmas rubber stamp is a personalised dormouse rubber stamp. This can again be personalised with your Christmas message or greeting and is perfect for making your own handmade Christmas greetings cards. There’s also nothing to stop you using them for creating unusual homemade Christmas wrapping paper.


We have a range of Christmas wreath rubber stamps and half wreath stamps, as well as floral wreath rubber stamps. We can personalise your Christmas wreath rubber stamps with your Christmas message or greeting. Again, these stamps are perfect for making your own handmade Christmas greetings cards and personalised Christmas gift wrap.

Scattered Star Name Stamps / Star Stamps

Star stamps and scattered star stamps are always popular at Christmas time. These can be plain or personalised with your name, Christmas message or greeting. The scattered star rubber stamps are stars formed in a rectangular pattern and are very good for a repeated pattern. This makes them extremely good for creating custom Christmas gift wrapping paper, as you can have an exciting shimmer of tiny gold stars stamped onto paper of a dark background. The same stamp is very effective on a handmade greetings card, which can be used at any time, and not just Christmas.

Some of these Christmas star stamps can be personalised with your name and Christmas message or greeting. These make very good gifts. Children even love them as they can mark all of their possessions such as books with their name.


Christmas address rubber stamps are great for creating return address details. Personalised Christmas address stamps make good gifts and they are also useful for marking your return address on your Christmas correspondence. Santa return address stamps make great gifts!

Card Making

We have many Christmas rubber stamps for card making. All the obvious Christmas stamps for card making are covered in our range, especially the personalised Christmas card stamps. Christmas crafting is a great way to get together with friends and family and create car and gift warp with your Christmas stamps for crafting.