Baby Shower Venues for Rent in San Francisco

Baby showers are the perfect occasion to spend some quality time, unwind and laugh before the expectant mom and dad plunge into all the duties of having a newborn. After all, their lives will turn upside down, with their little peanuts becoming the center of attention. That’s why it’s important to celebrate the last days of the life they know and make a toast for their new future! Fortunately, we know how to cherish such special moments, so we’ve rounded up some of the important things you shouldn’t forget when planning a baby shower. Whether you’re a friend or relative planning a surprise baby shower for your dearest person, or an expectant mom who wants to take on the role of a host, make sure to check our planner out!

Key elements to consider when planning a Baby shower

Set your budget – Baby showers are highly flexible events that you can host at any budget. But to reduce your chance of overspending, it’s best to set a budget and track all of the costs. Consider how much you can allocate on a venue rental, catering, decorations, etc., and keep those in mind while searching for the ideal party space.

Think of the guest list – Decide how many people are likely to attend the celebration, this will determine how large of a venue you will need to accommodate them all. Would the soon-to-be mom like the party to be a big bash to smash? Then go for a spacious restaurant with a function room or a large garden venue. If she would prefer an intimate party with close family and friends only, then a cozy patio space or a cafe is the best pick. Whatever the option, remember to send invitations at least a month in advance, as this will allow the guests to mark the date in their calendars.

Pick a date – Generally, most baby showers take place during the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, but it’s up to the host and the expectant mother which time is the best time to celebrate. A rule of a thumb recommends not hosting a party too late into the final trimester, as the expectant mothers may not feel physically up to much of a celebration. Other than that, you’re free to host a baby shower when you please! Just make sure to secure a venue as soon as you have the budget and guest number set.

Plan good food and drinks – Decide which food and drink options will work best at your party. Considering a full course meal or a wide variety of finger foods to grab from the table? The options are plenty! You can always discuss the food options with the venue manager and ask for their suggestions that will cater to every guest’s palate and match the party. As The City is famous for Mexican cuisine, including a Taco bar with various types of side dishes or a Paloma bar for the guests might be a fantastic option to consider!

Choose decorations – No baby shower is held without decorations that set the mood for celebration and excitement for the new arrival. Choose balloons, banters, garlands, centerpieces, etc. according to the color scheme, or a theme that a future mom likes most. If the theme is still to be decided on, we can suggest some popular ones, such as a Bohemian theme, or a truly Royal baby shower. But we always recommend to think outside the box and add decorations that will add some personal touch to the whole party. Maybe pictures of a future mom and dad from the times they were toddlers themselves?

Think of a dessert table – Make the celebrations even sweeter by serving a lovely decorated and personalized dessert table! Everyone will enjoy cupcakes, mini desserts, and candies matching the party ambiance. We consider it as the cherry on top of any baby shower celebration. Think also of serving a baby shower cake! Trust us, almost every baby shower has one and it’s one of the climaxes of the event! On our part, we can recommend some fantastic bakeries that have mouth-watering cakes and confectionery options such as Zibatreats Cakes, Butter&, Butter & Crumble. San Franciscans simply love them!

Plan the activities – Almost every baby shower includes activities such as gift openings, eating, drinking, talking, and playing games. To spice things up and make the party feel organized, plan out the exact schedule of the activities you’re planning to incorporate. Are you planning on renting out a photo booth? Make sure that everyone has enough time to take a fun picture they can later add to the guestbook.

Think of baby shower favors – Although the main idea of baby showers is to simply shower the future parents and their bundle of joy with presents, it is always a nice gesture to thank all the guests for attending with small gifts they can take home as a souvenir. Anything simple (or even DIY) will do! But we recommend opting for some safe options that every guest will enjoy, such as personalized scented candles, mini soaps, or hand sanitizers that match the color scheme or a theme. Trust us, the guests will appreciate such a gesture!

Baby Shower Venues in San Francisco FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a baby shower venue in San Francisco?

The prices vary depending on the venue type you would like to rent to host a baby shower. Generally, the prices for per hour rental range anywhere between $50 up to $300. If you consider renting out a venue that offers dining options, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. expect to pay from $30 to $100+ per person. Many restaurant venues also charge per minimum spend with prices ranging from $1000+. (All data from

How early in advance should I secure a baby shower venue in SF?

The earlier, the better! Once you’ve set the budget and written down the list of guests, you’d better start your search for the perfect venue! Some are extremely popular among San Franciscans, so to have many options available we recommend beginning your search at least 3 months in advance.

Who pays for the baby shower?

Generally, the person who is responsible for hosting the shower covers all the baby shower expenses. It can be either the expectant mother herself, a family member, or the best friend. It’s often common that there are multiple hosts, such as the soon-to-be mum’s sisters, cousins, aunts, best friends, etc. who split the costs between each other.

Are there any outdoor venues I can rent for a baby shower in San Francisco?

There are plenty of outdoor venues to choose from! Many restaurants have adjoining patios, backyards, or gardens that will add some special ambiance to this truly special celebration. Check out the Marina District, as well as the areas of Embarcadero, whose gorgeous views over the Bay will sweep away all the guests! But don’t forget to bring some sweaters as it can get windy there!