Free Printable Anniversary Card: 88+ Cards You’ll Love to Download

A free printable anniversary card adds an exciting personal touch to an anniversary gift!

You can always buy an anniversary card from a store for your spouse, partner, parents, relative, or friend. But it will never be as special as a card you make. It may be beautiful. But a regular card can seem impersonal and may fail to deliver the message you wish to convey.

Meanwhile, custom-made anniversary cards are one-of-a-kind. They make a gift more beautiful and a celebration more meaningful. The time, effort, and initiative you dedicate to making such a card tell your loved one that you care a lot.

Now, if you are not crafty enough to make a great card, don’t worry. Our free printable anniversary cards are an easy and practical solution for your need. These cards are in high-resolution PDF format.

They look great and are the perfect canvas to communicate your heartfelt wishes on an anniversary. The main benefit of these free printable anniversary cards is that you can download and print them right at home.

5 Simple steps to creating your special anniversary card from scratch

Our website has an amazing variety of over 88+ free printable anniversary cards in an easily downloadable PDF format, for you to choose from. Browse through our beautiful collection and you are bound to find a design that you love.Whether you prefer something simple or one that is very funny, we have you covered. Follow these steps to get your free anniversary printable card ready.

  1. Browse through our collection and find a card that you like ( Note: These printables are for personal-use only)
  2. Once you find your favorite design, click on the image to download it in high resolution PDF format card to your computer.
  3. It is now ready for printing. Although you can use regular A4 paper, we recommend card stock. Not only will the card look more beautiful on card stock, but it will also last longer.
  4. Add the finishing touches. You can either print your wishes or make them more personal with a handwritten message.
  5. Place it in a matching envelope and address it to the recipient.

Your free printable anniversary card is ready to go. Could it get any easier?

What should you write inside your anniversary card?

So, you have your anniversary card and a matching envelope ready. All that is left is to write your message inside.You can always write “Happy Anniversary” and leave it at that. However, wouldn’t it be better to use this opportunity and add a special quote, message, or even poem to convey your love?For a fortunate few, thoughts flow into words. But if you have trouble with finding the right words to fuel your emotion, we have just what you need.You can find an exciting collection of wedding anniversary quotes, messages, and poems to complete any printable anniversary card on our website.From exclusive love messages created by us to relevant quotes by famous people, there are plenty of choices. Discover the perfect message or use it as inspiration to create your own message to complete your free printable anniversary card.

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