55 Stamp Logos to Impress Everyone

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Make a mark in your market with a stamp logo. This type of design hands you a practical way to create a symbol for your brand.

Stamps originated as a piece of paper paste onto the upper right region of an envelope to pay postage. It typically features different designs like historical sites and elements to commemorate events. Its purpose is to make stamps easier to recognize and challenge those who may want to create counterfeits.

Applying this rustic logo design concept to your brand is a great way to add a rustic flair to your image. There are countless different ways for you to apply this to your identity.

We’re going to show you some of the best concepts to try. This list features designs perfect for brands looking for barber logos to restaurant logos. Check out the overview here.

  • Lettermark stamp logos
  • 3D stamp logos
  • Illustration stamp logos

Lettermark stamp logos

On average, stamps measure 0.8 x 0.9 inches. It typically has a limited surface area for you to put a massive amount of text or illustrations. This makes it a promising avenue for you to display your brand initials.

Using your initials instead of the entirety of your business name is recommended for brands with long or hard to pronounce names.

Make your shape logo design represent your brand fully by selecting the right font for your typography. You can choose between serif and sans serif fonts for your design.

Serif fonts have a tail-like detail at the end of each stroke. It’s seen as an old-fashioned way of writing which goes well with elegant brands.

On the other hand, sans serif fonts are letters that don’t have this tailed element, creating a laidback look perfect for modern brand personalities.

AH by mildtravis

Byakko Leather by Rii

Góðan daginn by DJAM

Industria Tessile Teodori by graphicevolution

K & B Construction, Inc. by WooW Designs

Kodama By Wombat Rise by design.bb

Life, Liberty & Woodworking by step forward 2

logo by Mamunjely

logo stamp banner by rawpixel wan

M by Logo Awesome

Moon Co. by GBDESIGN

MR XI Asian Bistro by Edu Morente

Red Stamp Wax Letter by brandcrowd

Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup by Graphicsfuel

Rubber Stamp Mockup by Raul Taciu

Stamp! by Ross Moody

With Love by Joe Hansen

Pro tip: Stay updated with typography design trends

Being aware of the typography trends will allow you to make a design that looks modern. It helps you avoid having an outdated image, but it also gives you design inspiration when you’re running out of ideas. Cyberpunk, gradient, and custom-made typography are some of the trendiest styles that you can try right now.

3D stamp logos

Are you looking to add visual depth to your design? Then, a 3D concept is what you need.

Turning your stamp design to a 3D brand mark gives your identity a visually arresting look that makes it appear like it’s popping out. Playing around with the finish of your logo will provide it with additional depth. You can double down on creativity and add a metallic sheen to your design. It will make it appear like your brand mark is made of steel.

Find more inspiration here.

3d Wooden Sign Logo Mockup by Pixelbuddha

20T by Jeferson HP

Afternoon Delight by WeiArts

Ex libris Mark Blacklock by János Kőrös

Carpenter Logo Design by Reiki Savian Shaenette

Geleynse Woodworks by GLDesigns

Industrial Photorealistic 3D Logo Mock-Up by Industrykidz

Free Debossed Foil Logo Mockup by The Designest

SISU LEATHER by Banglalink 2

Vintage Emblem Wordmark by brandcrowd

Woodworking logo by GLDesigns

Pro tip: Make a mood board

When looking for inspiration, it is best to put all the designs you fancy in one place, like a mood board for easy reference. Doing this helps you create a guide for your design process and ensure that you don’t stray off your design goals. You can add color palettes, illustrations, and other elements to your mood board.

Illustration stamp logos

Illustrations are powerful tools for visual communication. It adds eye-catching designs to your logo, and it lets you symbolize whatever goods or services you offer to your customers.

For example, if you run a coffee shop, adding illustrations of coffee mugs or coffee beans will let people know that your brand is involved in the coffee business.

Plus, drawings and vectors make for great additions to stamp logos. They benefit from the borders from the stamp as it provides visual emphasis. But you want to make sure that you add simple illustrations to keep your logo adaptive and easy to use.

Find more inspiration below.

Asian Sunset Stamp by podvoodoo13

Bay Island Travel Company by EspadaDesign

Beach Post Stamp by J-lao

Bronze Flying Bird by realdreams

EAC Concept – Parliament by Kangiri Njoroge

EAC Stamp- Parliament by Kangiri Njoroge

Ex libris Marta Poślad by Halisten Studio

Flower Shop Frame by realdreams

Grounded For Life Cafe by concepts

Haumea stamps by Jano Kobalia

Independence Day Stamp by Colton Summers

Labercraft by Gestardg2

Paolo’s Pizza by GLDesigns

Penguin Picture Frame by realdreams

Port Pass Travel by GLDesigns

Queen mark by Daria Mikita ✌

Red Heart Wave by JimjemR

Royal Queen Crown Beauty by town

Simple Mountain Vista by royallogo

Stamped Leather Logo Mock-Up by Benny K

stamp logo by Durjoy Khan

This Just Got Personalised by Rii

Tropical Mountain Resort by spayro

Tropical Summer Surfboard Shield by marcololstudio

True Home Inspections by Kemi

Pro tip: Use color psychology

There is science behind creating the perfect brand identity. Consumers associate human traits to colors which you can use to your advantage. In color psychology, the meaning varies depending on the color’s temperature.

For example, warm shades like red represent romance. In contrast, cool tones like blue symbolize science. You can use this to create a brand identity backed up by consumer psychology.


With a stamp brand mark, you won’t have to spend time learning how to convert a logo to a stamp. Plus, it’s such an adaptive concept to use for your brand. Established companies like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Warner Bros. Pictures have this design concept in place for their branding.

The logos in this list demonstrate the best ways for you to present your brand with this type of concept. Once you’re all set to get a fantastic design, you can source the perfect logo by trying these options.

Channel in the power of community through a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform lets you collaborate with freelance graphic designers who will submit up to 50 design bids for your logo. It also enables you to launch contests ranging from flyers to business cards. Choose the winning design today.

Design your stamp logo with the BrandCrowd logo maker. It has a huge library of designs that you can personalize. Use the editor to change elements fonts, layout, and color to match your liking. This will help you create the perfect design in minutes. Try it right here.

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