Pocketfold Invitations

What Are Pocketfold Wedding Invitations?

One of the more traditional styles of wedding invite, pocketfold wedding invitations are a stylish way to ensure that your guests have all of the information they need about your big day. As the name suggests, pocketfold wedding invites come as a foldable design with a pocket insert. That pocket can contain whatever you like relating to your wedding day.

One of the reasons pocketfold wedding invites are so popular is that you can conveniently send everything your guests need in a single, elegant design.

A lot of detail can be included in a wedding invitation, and from your RSVP to your menu choices, that information can all too easily go astray which is why pocketfolds are such a great solution. At Vintage Prints, we create the pocketfold wedding invitations to match your wedding theme.

Pocketfold wedding invitations are stylish and practical, but when you order from Vintage Prints, you also get the attention to detail on which we have built our reputation.

The Benefits of Using Pocketfold Invitations

The main reason why pocketfold wedding invitations are such a popular choice is that most marrying couples want to include an RSVP card with their invites. The small pocket inside this unique style of invite is ideal for ensuring that nothing gets mislaid.

The other reason why pocketfold wedding invites are one of our bestsellers is simply that couples are putting more information than ever alongside their invites. From travel instructions and local hotel guides to returnable menus with the choices ticked and a personal gift message, it’s all about making your big day as seamless and stress-free as possible.

The benefits of using customised pocketfold wedding invitations speak for themselves! They’re beautiful, practical, and are the perfect way to minimise stress in the lead up to your wedding and on the day itself.

Types of Pocketfold Invitation Designs Available at Vintage Prints

Here are some of the most popular pocketfold wedding invitation designs available from Vintage Prints. But remember, we can customise your wedding invites however you like, and we can even send samples to ensure that your invitations are perfect.

  1. ‘Dreamy Eucalyptus’ Pocketfold Wedding Invitation — An elegant subtlety combined with the practical nature of the pocketfold wedding invite design makes this the perfect choice for couples that want their wedding to have that whisper of class. Eucalyptus is often included in wedding bouquets because it symbolises protection and abundance. If your wedding has a eucalyptus theme, these wedding invite designs are ideal.
  2. ‘Wild Floral’ Pocketfold Wedding Invitation — Add a touch of vibrant colour to your wedding with our classic Wild Floral pocketfold wedding invites. Wildflowers have always been a popular sight at weddings, and they’re perfect for the more bohemian or rustic occasion! Get your guests in the mood for a spring or summer wedding they’ll never forget.
  3. Lavender’ Pocketfold Wedding Invitation — Lavender is traditionally used at weddings because it’s one of the most popular symbols of love and devotion. It’s also said to bring good luck! The scent of lavender is soothing, so these lavender themed pocketfold wedding invites give a great sense of calm to settle those big day nerves.

When Should I Order Wedding Invitations?

When it comes to your wedding, it’s always best to get organised as early as possible. Once you’ve chosen your pocketfold wedding invite design and ordered from us, we get to work. It usually takes around two days for our design team to email your proofs back to you. If you need any amendments, no problem! You can make as many changes as you like, and once you’re happy, we send your invites off to print.

Printing can take around six days after you’ve approved your proofs. That means that it usually takes around ten days to get everything done, and then there are shipping times to think about. You can choose the expedited shipping option if your big day is getting close or you simply can’t wait to receive them!

Generally, it takes between four and fifteen working days after you’ve approved your proofs for you to receive them. This can take a little longer with pocketfold wedding invitations as they are a little more complex.

We also offer Priority Processing, which means we get to your pocketfold wedding invites before any other orders as they go to the head of the queue.

Can I Order Samples?

At Vintage Prints, we want your wedding day to go as perfectly as you do. We work very hard to ensure that your wedding invites are exactly what you’ve dreamed of. That’s why we always offer samples of your pocketfold wedding invites. And if you need anything changed, that’s no problem either!

Can You Create a Custom Design?

Absolutely! If you have a design in mind and are unsure how it might look, let us know. All of our wedding invites are bespoke, and we can customise your pocketfold wedding invitations exactly how you like. No two weddings are the same, and we want your stationery to reflect your unique event perfectly.

Whatever the theme of your wedding, the location, or the time of year, we’ll always go the extra mile to have your custom designs made and delivered without fuss.

Can I Print Extra Invitations Later?

Mistakes happen, and you might not order the right number of pocketfold wedding invites the first time — like when your betrothed invites a few more guests that you didn’t know about! Whatever the reason, we can always provide reprints of your design. You can find out more about your reprint options here.

Priority Checkout Option

Don’t forget that if you need your pocketfold wedding invitations quickly, we offer a Priority Processing option. Whether your wedding date has been moved up unexpectedly or you simply can’t wait to start organising, check out our information page to find out more about this super-fast priority checkout option.

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