Baby Shower Venues for Rent in Singapore

Singapore is an exciting city with a multicultural vibe and an array of fantastic venues. So, whether it’s a baby shower, a first month or the popular 100 days of celebration, you can be more than sure that you’ll find a venue for the baby shower that will be perfect for your needs and budget. Feeling a bit sceptical? Browse Tagvenue’s curated list of baby shower venues and you’ll definitely change your mind! You can find anything here from modern restaurants, classic bars, elegant banquet halls, romantic patios and lush green gardens with sweeping views.

Modern baby showers are often arranged according to a theme, and Singapore celebrations are no exception. However, with a baby to look after at home, you might not want to deal with the refreshments yourself. Singapore’s venues are all well prepared to meet both traditional and modern requests and everything in between. Many will offer a complete baby shower package, including the option to arrange the room decoration yourself. There are also plenty of patisseries and caterers which specialise in this kind of occasion. Don’t be afraid to get inspired, this day only comes once in your child’s lifetime!

One-month celebrations are a time-honoured Singapore tradition, instituted both to honour the mother emerging from her confinement and to introduce the baby to the couple’s family and friends. If a more traditional observance is planned, including cutting the baby’s hair and the ceremonial bath, make sure you have included it in your party plan. Also consider setting aside a quiet space for the baby, and mother, to enable them to take some time out from the event if they grow tired.

How to find the perfect baby shower venue in Singapore? <h/3>

When it comes to picking a baby shower venue, there are so many things to consider! Luckily, you’ve got us – Tagvenue. We’ve summed up some of the most important details to help you find a location that matches your party needs. So start reading now!

Budget – As a first step, draw up a budget. To begin, think of the total sum that you’d like to spend. The main cost of any event is usually the venue rental, but you’ll also need to plan for catering costs and any additional expenses (decorations, parking fees, party favours, and entertainment, etc.), so make sure to include them in your budget as well. Once you nail down the numbers, it’ll be much easier for you to narrow down your choices to venues that are within your price range.

Date – When would you like to host a party? A lot depends on the general well-being of the mother and the baby, so be sure to get her input on the preferred date. Although there are no hard and fast rules about when a baby shower should take place, many mothers choose to have their celebrations in the first month after their child’s birth.

Guest number – When planning a baby shower, take some time to think about all the people who would like to attend. Make sure to include family and friends, but remember that it’s ultimately up to the mom-to-be to decide who will come. Once you have your guest list ready, you can start browsing for venues to get an idea what spaces are available. You’ll see how quickly you’ll be able to decide whether the ones that you like will fit everyone!

Location – When choosing a location for a party, keep in mind the convenience of your guests. Think about how accessible the venue will be for everyone coming to the party and, most importantly, for the guest of honour. Check if it’s near public transportation and whether it has parking lots nearby. Also, it should offer some secluded space where the mom and the baby can rest in case they will need it.

The menu – The baby shower is a time to celebrate, so the food should be delicious! Consider what option for serving the food would work best with your event: a sit-down dinner, finger foods, or a buffet? If you don’t know, ask the venue manager! They will be happy to help you decide and choose a menu that will satisfy everyone’s palate.

Theme – Picking a theme can help you create an event that all of your guests will remember. Perhaps you can incorporate some personal touches that can add an extra element of whimsy to the party? Even an image or idea that symbolises something about the mom, or their bundle of joy will bring the baby shower to a whole other level! Also, you shouldn’t forget about adding some decorations that will make the setting pop. Balloons, flowers, banners, and centrepieces can make all the difference and get everyone in the festive mood.

Have you figured out all the details that we’ve listed above? Congrats! Your baby shower planning is almost over. Now, the last thing that you need to do is to pick the perfect venue. But with Tagvenue’s help, it’ll be a breeze! So take our smart filters for a spin, and discover a space that ticks all the boxes!

Baby Shower Venues in Singapore FAQ

Where can I find great baby shower venues in Singapore?

Check out Canning Walk near Clarke Quay for a variety of party rooms available for whole or half-day rental. There are also plenty of venues with private gardens for an outside event, weather permitting. Don’t forget to swing by Bukit Timah for some outdoor options in private clubs. Singapore’s retail centre Orchard Road also has many function rooms suitable for a family gathering, as does St Andrew’s Road where you can find The National Gallery of Singapore. Available for rental, this is a memorable locale if you are looking to splash out!

How much does it cost to rent a baby shower venue in Singapore?

The final cost will vary depending on the venue type you will choose, guest packages, etc. But generally, the prices for a per-person rental range anywhere between S$48 to S$60 per person. It is also possible to rent a venue on a per minimum spend basis with prices starting from as low as S$500. As for the dry hire, expect to pay around S$200 to S$450 per hour. (All data from

Can you recommend some baby shower venues in Singapore?

Sure! Although there’s no shortage of fantastic baby shower venues in Singapore, these ones are definitely worth mentioning! Mid + East Forum offers a spacious and flexible space. It allows you to create your own unique setting with a layout that will work best for your celebrations. Knots Cafe and Living, on the other hand, is famous for its quaint feel and rustic decor accented with lush greenery. It’s perfect for much more intimate celebrations.

How far in advance should I start planning a baby shower?

The answer to that question depends on the type of shower you’re planning. If you’re hosting a traditional, sit-down dinner party, then you should start planning a baby shower as soon as possible — around 3 to 4 months before the big day. You’ll have enough time to decide which table layout will work best and how to seat the guests so that everyone will be happy.

However, if your shower is more casual or less traditional (think a brunch or lunch), then you don’t need to start planning as early. In fact, some people wait until six weeks before the event before they begin making arrangements for their baby shower.

Regardless of how far in advance you start planning, it’s important that you have a clear vision of what kind of event you want so that you can make the best decisions about everything from the menu and decorations to entertainment and invitations. Don’t wait until the last minute!