Best Places to Have a Baby Shower: 9 Ideas for a Sweet Celebration

Best Places to Have a Baby Shower: 9 Ideas for a Sweet Celebration

Places to have a baby shower: outdoor baby shower setting

When planning a baby shower, finding the perfect venue is likely at the top of your to-do list. You want to find a unique place to celebrate the love and joy of welcoming a little bundle of joy to the world. At the same time, you want the event venue to be well-suited to fit your idea of the perfect celebration — whether that includes playing outdoor baby shower games or sitting in a dining room for a mellow brunch.

Explore our list of the best places to have a baby shower where you’ll find options that range from splashy over-the-top bashes to more low-key gatherings.

Choosing a Baby Shower Venue: What to Consider

Places to have a baby shower: baby shower decorations

If you’re a loved one who’s planning a baby shower, it’s essential to involve the mama-to-be in the preliminary discussions. Traditionally, the celebration centers on the mom-to-be but there’s no reason you can’t have a joint coed baby shower with both parents-to-be. You’ll also want to consider the budget and any special requests the parents may have.

Aside from personal preferences, consider the planning logistics. You can choose to work with an event planning company if this is going to be an over-the-top celebration. Or you can DIY decorations, games, and more if you’re opting for a more laid-back intimate baby shower.

Consider the weather and timing of the year when looking at places to have a baby shower. If it’s a cooler time of year, an indoor venue might be the best idea. If you choose to host the event outdoors, have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. An event tent or alternate indoor space are great contingency plans.

Also, consider all the guests you’ll be inviting. Will you need the space to be ADA-friendly to accommodate disabled guests? Will the venue need to accommodate young children who may be attending? For a casual event, venues like parks and breweries are a good fit. If you’re planning something more formal, tea rooms and private rooms at local restaurants are great choices.

9 Best Places to Have a Baby Shower

Places to have a baby shower: friends happily celebrating a baby shower

With these considerations in mind, it’s time to start looking for the perfect places to have a baby shower. Here, we’ve put together a list of popular baby shower venues. For each, you’ll find decoration ideas and tips for party favors and food. Plus, you’ll find gorgeous digital invitations with each option to inspire your own selection.

1. A Loved One‘s Home

Invitation Inspiration: Bubble Bath Invitation

One of the most common baby shower venues is a loved one‘s home. Whether it’s a family member’s house or your best friend’s condo, this option offers lots of convenience without much hassle or cost. You can decorate the space in pink, blue, or gender-neutral baby shower decor and invite however many people will comfortably fit in the space. Serve easy finger foods, set up a drink station, and don’t forget sweet little cupcakes with the baby’s name or on-theme motifs as cake toppers.

2. Local Community Center

Invitation Inspiration: Mod Tulips Invitation

If you’re looking to balance your budget and a larger guest list, a community center is an excellent place to have a baby shower. For a small fee or sometimes for free, you can rent out a room in the community center for various celebrations including birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers. Ask friends and family to help you decorate the space to suit your baby shower theme.

3. Tea Room

Invitation Inspiration: Vintage Rose Garden Invitation

Celebrate the new arrival with an afternoon tea party. Create a whimsical ambiance by decorating the tables with fresh floral arrangements and serving tea in fine china. For baby shower games, you can play bingo or trivia and send the winner home with a fancy new tea kettle.

4. Botanical Garden

Invitation Inspiration: Woodland Charm Invitation

A botanical garden is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a baby shower. Exotic florals, singing birds, and a peaceful atmosphere make for a magical setting. You can save money on expensive floral arrangements since the space already has stunning greenery. Use the savings to accommodate a larger number of guests or to splurge on decorations like balloons, a photo booth, or a large welcome banner.

5. Local Park

Invitation Inspiration: Spotted Shower Invitation

Host a beautiful baby shower outdoors at a local park. Many parks have gazebos or event spaces that are ideal for small celebrations. You can set out a picnic with cheese, cold cuts, and fruit. This outdoor baby shower idea is also ideal for playing games like diaper toss and relay races.

6. Church

Invitation Inspiration: Soft Floral Frame Invitation

If faith is important to the new parents, a church is a great location for a baby shower. You can host the baby shower as a stand-alone event or combine it with the christening — just be sure to talk to church officials beforehand. You’ll also want to ask about clean-up procedures and make a donation if the event space is provided free of charge.

7. Clubhouse

Invitation Inspiration: Dandelion Breeze Invitation

If your budget allows (and you have access), country clubs are perfect locations for celebrating special occasions, especially baby showers. They often feature elegant decor, natural light, and stunning scenery that makes for the perfect backdrop. They also offer extensive on-site services including catering, making it easy to plan an event.

8. Restaurant Brunch

Invitation Inspiration: Precious Invitation

Restaurants are among the most popular baby shower locations. Many couples choose to have a baby shower brunch with sweet treats and mimosas. You can also plan an evening celebration in an upscale dining area for an unexpected and elegant twist. For the perfect venue, look at restaurants the parents-to-be love as well as places they’ve been eager to try.

9. Boutique Hotel

Invitation Inspiration: Balloon Bear Invitation

Throw the perfect baby shower celebration at a boutique hotel, which offers more of an intimate, sophisticated feeling than a large chain hotel. Many hotels have event spaces that make it easy to add decorations. Plus, some hotels have stunning outdoor spaces like lakeside decks and platforms overlooking rolling green hills that make for a unique baby shower.

Select Sweet and Fun Baby Shower Invites

Whether you’re planning your own baby shower or hosting the event for someone you love, choose from these best baby shower venue ideas to start planning a dream day. Once you’ve decided on a theme or venue, browse our collection of baby shower invitations to match your event theme.

Every invite is customizable so you can match classic baby shower venue ideas or create a unique experience all your own. Best of all, you’ll find dozens of photo invites so you can feature a picture of the baby’s ultrasound or an image from a pregnancy photoshoot. Whatever design you choose, your invites are sure to get guests excited about the special celebration.

Need more support when planning a baby shower? Continue browsing our Stationers blog where you’ll find more party planning tips, including baby shower invitation wording ideas.