Baby Shower Venues for Hire in London

When it comes to venue hunting, London has everything you could dream of. Beautiful outdoor locations, themed cafes, cosy restaurants and event venues are easy to come by all over the city. Tagvenue offers a list of the best venues for all sorts of baby showers in London and allows you to compare prices, read reviews and contact venue managers online, with no additional fees! If you feel lost with all this choice, we’ve got you covered – simply read this guide on how to find the best baby shower venue for you.

How to hire a baby shower venue in London

Before you even start looking for the best space for your baby shower party, you should get a grasp on how you want this event to be. How many guests are you going to invite? How much can you spend for the baby shower? Do you want to prepare food for the occasion, or would you rather hire a catering service to do it for you?

Either way, you should start by coming up with two important numbers – your budget and the number of guests. Remember that you can organise a great party on any budget if you get creative about it. For example, you can ask your guests to prepare dishes for the occasion, splitting both the effort and the cost of food preparation. When it comes to the venue hire, which will be a substantial part of your budget, you can look for outdoor spaces or empty rooms for hire and decorate them yourself. Finding a venue that’s further from the city centre will also help drive the prices down. As for the guests, make sure to invite them at least a few weeks in advance so that they have time to confirm their arrival and prepare their gifts.

When it comes to the location of your baby shower, you can take a few different approaches. While you will find the most baby shower venues in Central London, the outer parts of the city can also have the type of space you’re looking for. If most of your family lives in the same neighbourhood, you should start looking for venues in that area. You can do that by using the interactive venue map on Tagvenue – just zoom in towards your neighbourhood, and you will see all the options available in your area. You can do the same thing with airports and train stations if you have family coming from another city. Every venue page shows the closest tube or bus connection so that you can plan your commute in advance.

What would a baby shower be without the gifts? Before you send out your invites, you should make a gift register, or another way of ensuring that everyone will buy something different and useful for the baby. If you’re a family member or friend organising the party for the parents – you should consult this list with them. You don’t want a situation where multiple people purchase the exact same gift!

Another thing you can think about is the theme of your baby shower. The most common way to work a theme into a baby shower party is doing a gender reveal. You can make the decorations, the cake, or even some other food items either blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby. You can also just ask the parents about their preferences – if you open your mind and be creative, you’ll come up with something special!

When it comes to food and beverages, you have four options:

  • Prepare the food yourself
  • Ask the guests to cook some of the dishes
  • Hire a catering firm
  • Ask the venue to provide the food

In most cases you should consider all of these options – ask the family members and venue managers if they can help you out.

Best baby shower activities

Looking for a way to make this baby shower more interesting? You can do that with some games and activities. We searched for some of the best games to play with your friends and family to make your baby shower party much more memorable. Here are our top 3 baby shower activities:

  • Onesie Painting – It’s almost like a guest book that the baby can wear! You’re going to need a plain white onesie and a set of paint meant for clothing. Feel free to let your guests get creative!
  • Baby Picture Guessing – Ask all the guests to bring at least one of their pictures from when they were babies. Then make a trivia game where everyone has to match the baby picture with the right guest. It’s a great way to break the ice and start conversations!
  • Gift Bingo – Usually the gifts for a baby shower are quite similar to each other. Find a baby shower bingo template and make people play a funny game while the parents receive gifts.

Baby Shower Venues in London FAQ

How do I organise a memorable baby shower in London?

There are many ways to make your baby shower memorable, for example you can decorate the venue in a fun way or come up with engaging games for all the guests. You can also pick a venue with a unique theme that will do the work for you. Why not organise a themed baby shower? The roaring 20s, hippie 70s or anything else, let your creative juices run free!

Which kinds of venues should I focus on when planning a baby shower?

The venue type that you pick for your baby shower highly depends on your personal preferences and what kind of atmosphere you’re going for. You can choose to have a classy party in a restaurant, or a relaxed one in a café. One of the most popular options is organising a tea party for your baby shower since London has an abundance of afternoon tea venues.

How do I organise an affordable baby shower party?

Having a baby shower on a budget can be a challenge in London, but have some tips and tricks up our sleeve. If your guest list is already as short as possible, but you’re still not fitting into your ideal price range, consider asking someone to co-host. There are venues which allow you to bring in your own alcohol or dessert, which can lower the final cost. If you bring your own decorations and pre-prepared games, you can choose a cheaper, more plain venue and spice it up yourself.

How much for a baby shower venue in London?

The cheapest venues suitable for a small baby shower start at around £15. If you want to go for a minimum spend venue, expect prices between £100 and £1000 or beyond. Venue hire cost will depend on the size of the space, proximity from the city centre, and the facilities included with the hire. (All data from Tagvenue.)