Post Offices For Sale

Post Offices For Sale

Post Offices For Sale

How to Invest in A Post Office

One of the main reasons why you should consider buying a post office is that they have quite a long average term of tenancy at 45-50 years. They are a fairly predictable tenant and usually renew their lease. Most Post Offices are purchased “fee simple,” this means that you will own the land and the buildings on it. There are some post offices that are on leased ground. Once the ground lease is expired the land and building revert to the ground owner. There are few leases of this type with the USPS but we have sold them over the years.

One of the best ways to invest in a Post Office is through a company that specializes in brokering U.S. Post Offices. Avery Postal Group & NNN is that company and has been a single tenant net lease specialist with an emphasis on U.S. Postal Properties since 1982. Avery Postal Group & NNN has sold over 1,250 USPS leased post offices along with 100+, state-leased, and single-tenant investment grade properties.

Post Offices for Sale Near Me

There are currently approximately 26,000 leased post office properties across the United States, These leased properties are owned by private citizens and companies who have enjoyed solid returns from these properties with a lease renewal rate of over 98%. Due to the long term tenancy most post office owners experience many investors choose not to sell as frequently as other types of property. Absentee ownership is common and most USPS investors look to buy postal properties nationwide. This gives the Buyer a better selection of available post office properties with the same USPS lease guarantee. The USPS has a credit rating of AAA. Please feel free to contact Rhett Agnew with Avery Postal Group & NNN. We will have to work to match your investment criteria with available properties. It can take time to locate that right postal investment so making your investor need known to us is the first step. Please feel free to contact Rhett Agnew who is the Managing Broker at Avery Postal Group & NNN. Rhett is glad to talk or email with you about your postal investment objectives at no cost or obligation to you.Post Offices For Sale Near Me

Is Owning a Post Office Profitable?

Post Offices will generally make returns from 5.75% to 9.0% per annum or more depending on the length of the lease term, maintenance and tax obligation per the lease and age and condition of the facility. The real key to making money with the post office is keeping them satisfied as your tenant and negotiating lease renewals that are fair and reasonable for the USPS and the Landlord. It is important to remember that the USPS will typically sign a five year flat lease renewal. This means their rent will stay the same for this five year period. As a Landlord you will have rising insurance and maintenance costs. This is important to offset when renewing your USPS lease. Please contact Rhett at Avery Postal Group for more information concerning investments in USPS leased Real Estate.

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