The six most valuable US postal stamps that sell for up to $203

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STAMPS typically cost a few cents, and you probably don’t think much about them after you stick them on envelopes.

However, some rare stamps are in high demand among collectors, and worth more than $100 as a result.

Rare and old stamps can be worth hundreds, especially in good condition

Like coins, antique stamps or stamps with errors can sell for thousands of times more than their printed face value.

Since the US began producing stamps in 1847, the Postal Service has used more than 4,000 designs featuring over 800 people.

Many popular and expensive stamps, however, contain some of the most well-known faces in US history.

If you’re one of the more than 5million stamp collectors in the US, or just have some old postage lying around, keep an eye out for these valuable stamps.

1. 1916 stamp – $202.51

Even in used condition, these one cent stamps sell for hundreds of dollars

This red stamp was produced in 1916, and given the catalog number J59.

The stamp was initially listed for sale at $9.99, and the price more than doubled to $202.51 before the winning bidder claimed their prize.

Stamp dealer Mystic Stamp Company sells similar 1916 stamps in used condition for $475 to $895.

In mint condition, #J59 stamps can be worth as much as $4,500.

2. 1869 Declaration of Independence stamp – $152.50

This multi-colored stamp depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence

In 1869, US stamps were printed in two colors for the first time, according to the Smithsonian.

One of the most popular from the 1869 National Bank Note Pictorial Issue was this 24-cent stamp that featured John Trumbull’s iconic portrait of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the center.

“One of the finest examples of engraving, the center of the stamp is a miniature masterpiece,” according to Mystic Stamp.

One such stamp sold for $152.50 on eBay in May after receiving eight bids.

The National Bank Note Company printed 235,350 of these stamps, the Smithsonian reported.

3. 1868 30-cent stamp – $146.01

This orange stamp featuring Benjamin Franklin was worth 30 cents in the 1860s

Since Benjamin Franklin was the first US Postmaster General and a founding father, his face is featured on stamps often throughout history.

One of the most valuable Franklin stamps is the 1868 30-cent piece, one of which was sold on eBay in June for $146.01.

Depending on the condition and features, some of these 1868 stamps can sell for up to $2,300.

4. 1869 Landing of Columbus stamp – $127.50

This 15-cent stamp features Christopher Columbus

As part of the same series as the Declaration stamp, this 15-cent piece features another painting miniaturized on a postal note.

It features a painting by John Vanderlyn called The Landing of Columbus, and was produced in two variations, labeled #118 and #119.

A #118 stamp, which is considered 10 times rarer than #119 stamps according to Mystic Stamp, was recently sold on eBay for $127.50.

At the time of its production, 15 cents was the standard rate to ship mail to Europe, so it was a popular price point for stamps, according to the Smithsonian.

5. 1918 Ben Franklin stamp – $115

Ben Franklin has been a staple on stamp designs for nearly two centuries

The newest stamp on this list, an eBay seller recently made $115 by selling one of these 104-year-old Franklin stamps.

From 1908 through 1922, 250 different stamp variations were created, all of which featured Franklin or President George Washington, according to the Smithsonian.

This era of stamps was aptly named the Washington-Franklins Issue, and the $2 Franklin stamp was one of its few bicolored entries.

Early variations of the 1918 stamp had an orange frame, but the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing corrected most versions with a red outline, as seen above.

6. 1851 Ben Franklin stamp – $103

This stamp featuring Franklin is one of the oldest in the US stamp series

The first one-cent stamp ever produced, the 1851 Franklin stamp is an iconic piece of philatelic history.

According to the Smithsonian, the flourishes around the portrait of Benjamin Franklin appear more or less complete on different stamps, due to technical difficulties while printing them.

Stamp collectors designate different 1851 one-cent stamps by “types” based on how finished the exterior design is, with type one being the most complete and rarest.

In May, a type three Franklin stamp was sold on eBay for $102.

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