Judith Miller Cause Death, How Did Judith Miller Die?

Who is Judith Miller?

Judith Henderson Miller, who was born Judith Cairns on September 16, 1951, was a prominent figure in the Scottish antique community. She was not only an expert in the field but also a talented writer and broadcaster. Her extensive knowledge and passion for antiques made her a highly respected and sought-after professional.

Miller’s contributions to the field were not only limited to her expert opinions but also included numerous written works and appearances on various media platforms. On April 8, 2023, Miller passed away, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and dedication to the world of antiques.

Judith Miller Cause of Death

on Thursday, April 13th, Octopus released a statement confirming the news Judith Miller dies. Renowned author and antiques specialist Judith Miller, best known for her appearances on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, passed away at the age of 71 after a short illness on April 8, 2023. Miller was praised as the “doyenne of the antiques world and of our show” by presenter Fiona Bruce. She died “over the weekend after a short illness”, her publisher Mitchell Beazley said.

She authored over 100 books on antiques and interiors and co-founded Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979, which remains a popular resource for valuations. Miller was admired by her colleagues for her generosity with her knowledge and her willingness to share stories over a glass of pinot grigio. Antiques Roadshow editor Robert Murphy hailed Miller as a “popular member of the team” and an inspiration to aspiring antiques experts.

Judith Miller Antiques illness

What did Judith Miller die of? Here is the information provided regarding Judith Miller Illness, the Renowned antiques expert and writer has recently passed away at the age of 71 due to a brief illness, as confirmed by her publisher’s spokesperson, Mitchell Beazley. Her health history has not yet been disclosed, and further details are awaited.

Lennox Cato Antiques, an antique store, shared their condolences on Facebook, remembering Miller as a warm and knowledgeable person. They also mentioned that Miller frequently visited their shop with her team to take pictures of various items for her price guides, and they had developed a close friendship with her during that time.

Bruce, a presenter on the program since 2008, said: “When I started on the Antiques Roadshow, I was in awe of the experts – and none more so than Judith. She was Miller of Miller’s guides no less, the bible of the antique world when it came to valuations. Plus, she had authored many other books, too many to list, some of which were already on my bookshelf. But she was always gracious and generous with her knowledge, helpful to me and our whole team.

And when our filming day had finished, she was never short of great stories accompanied by a glass of her favorite tipple, pinot grigio. She was the doyenne of the antique world and of our show. Irreplaceable. And hugely missed.

Judith Miller Antiques Expert Wiki

Judith Henderson Miller, originally from Galashiels, Scotland, developed a passion for antiques while studying history at the University of Edinburgh. Together with her first husband, Martin Miller, she co-wrote Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979, a reference book that became a staple in the antique industry. Miller’s expertise and knowledge led her to become a consultant and co-presenter of The Antiques Trail, which aired on ITV, Meridian, HTV, and later on the Discovery Channel.

She also presented It’s Your Bid for the Discovery Channel. Miller was a familiar face on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and made appearances on Priceless Antiques Roadshow. Additionally, Miller co-presented The House Detectives, a BBC Two series that explored the history of homes and their contents. Her diverse contributions to the antique community solidified her reputation as a respected and knowledgeable expert in the field.

Judith Miller Net Worth

Judith Miller’s net worth is believed to range between $1-$5 million. She accumulated her wealth through her career as an antique expert, writer, and co-founder of Miller’s Antiques Price Guide. Miller authored over 100 books on antiques and interiors and was a popular expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. Despite her passing, her work and contributions to the antique world continue to be appreciated and remembered by her fans and colleagues.

Judith Miller Husband

After divorcing her first husband Martin Miller in 1992, Judith Miller began a relationship with John Wainwright, with whom she had one son. As of 2004, the family resided in North London. Miller and Wainwright tied the knot in 2015. Miller’s passing occurred on April 8, 2023, at the age of 71. Her death marks the end of a remarkable career as an antiques expert, writer, and broadcaster, leaving behind a legacy that has greatly contributed to the world of antiques.

Judith Miller Parents

Unfortunately, couldn’t find information on Judith Miller’s parents. However, it is known that she was born Judith Henderson Cairns in Galashiels, Scotland, on September 16, 1951. She developed a love for antiques while studying history at the University of Edinburgh and went on to become a highly respected and sought-after antiques expert, writer, and broadcaster. Her contributions to the field have greatly impacted the antiques industry, making her a beloved figure among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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