How Many Stamps in a Book: Cost & Place To Buy Postage Stamp Booklets

If you’re going to be sending envelopes through the mail, you need to get your hands on stamps from the post office.

While you may undoubtedly purchase stamps one at a time whenever you need to send something via the mail, most individuals choose to buy stamps in bulk, ensuring that you always have stamps on hand when you need to drop something off for delivery.

Short Answer: In an average book of stamps, you will find 20 individual stamps in it. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting new stamps when you’ve got to send an envelope via post for a long time. Your stamp book’s got you covered!

What Is a Stamp Book?

A postage stamp book is a booklet that contains pre-cut sheets of stamps with specific values per sheet. A stamp book is more efficient than purchasing individual stamps for sending documents, letters, or postcards.

Most people use them to maintain their postage stamps, so they always have them on hand when they need them, rather than going out and purchasing them.

A book of stamps allows you to reuse individual stamps instead of purchasing a whole new collection.

They’re frequently delivered in thin cardboard wraps. Stamp books are available for a wide range of five-star postage stamps, such as Forever Stamps.

How Many Stamps Are in a Forever Stamp Book?

A Forever booklet of stamps contains 20 stamps. A Forever stamp is a postage stamp that can be used on future mailings regardless of price changes for the delivery or the number of ounces being mailed at any point in the future.

The Forever stamp booklets have various stamps inside with no difference in price or size. These booklets can be used whenever you need to send something via the mail, and they can be reused repeatedly.

How Many Stamps Are in a Collectible Stamp Book?

A collectible stamp book includes a few pages of postage stamps separated by sheets of oiled paper. They’re frequently delivered in thin cardboard wraps.

The number of stamps in a collectible stamp book varies each year. In general, a collectible stamp book has an average of 50 stamps in it.

A collectible stamp booklet is a thick, hardback book that usually contains more stamps than regular stamp books. The booklet is known as the “Collectible Stamp Yearbook.”

The 2018 Collectible Stamp Yearbook, for example, included 81 different stamps. All of the stamps were carefully preserved on the pages with thorough information about the historical context, writer, and importance of the stamp.

According to the 2019 Collectible Stamp Yearbook, there were 72 stamps, which decreased by nine from 2018.

You never know how many stamps you’ll get in a yearbook until you start collecting them. Yet, collectors may take comfort in the knowledge that all of the one-of-a-kind ideas delivered throughout that year will be included without a doubt.

How Much Does a Book of Stamps Cost?

The cost of a book of stamps depends on how much you want to send. A regular first-class letter costs $0.55, so a book with 20 stamps will cost around $11 – 12 dollars.

If your postage needs are more urgent or international, the price of a stamp book will go up. For the best price, consider buying 100 stamp books or getting postage online.

Where Can I Buy a Book of Stamps?

You can buy a stamp book from your local post office. They are available at all locations in books of stamps or single stamps. You can get green stamps, stamps with historical events, and many others!

You can also visit the USPS website for more information on the availability of stamp books. These stamp books are available at retail outlets, grocery stores, gas stations, libraries, and other shipping organizations.

You might not be able to purchase a book of stamps from UPS or FedEx, so USPS is the most cost-effective method for buying postage.

Where to Get Stamps Cheaper than USPS?

You can find stamps cheaper than USPS online. However, keep in mind that you still have to deal with postal services for processing and other normal processes. But, be aware that by visiting a physical store, the only thing you might save is your time.

Select a trusted website selling stamps at discounted rates. There are various websites selling postage stamps at deeply discounted rates. Please select one of them in order to get your stamp booklet right away!

If you’re not satisfied with the website, you can try another one. Be it on official websites or third-party websites, you can find coupons of postage stamps to save money. You can also look for discounts online before purchasing a book of stamps.

Don’t forget that you can also purchase stamps from your local post office. The USPS also has many third-party vendors that sell first-class postage. On the other hand, these businesses have started to provide less expensive mail alongside a broad range of custom printing choices, including self-adhesive and domed labels.

For example, when you buy online through, eBay, or Endicia, you may save money on postage by using a coupon code. These businesses provide cheaper postage rates and other services, such as a shipping labels program and a free printed mailing service, for your package.


Stamp books contain several first-class postage stamps that allow you to save money on postage. The cost of each stamp is $0.55, and each stamp book contains 20 first-class postage stamps.

The price, however, depends upon the type of stamps you need and for what purpose. For instance, for urgent mail services, you will have to buy costly stamps specified for urgent mail service packages.

Remember that USPS provides discounts on first-class postage when buying through third-party vendors online. Stamps can also be found at your local post office or at discounted rates online!