W Hamond

We have a feast of jewellery in our Aladdin’s cave of a shop: from spur of the moment items starting at as little as £9.95 for a momento of your trip to York, to exquisite unique pieces featuring diamonds and precious stones priced into the thousands for those extra special occasions in life. No matter the pricetag, all of our pieces are handset with beautiful gemstones in our two workshops in Britain.

As we are a working jewellers, we can also provide the following services: – Bespoke jewellery designs & repairs – Valuations – Whitby Jet testing – Jewellery cleaning & ring resizing

Whitby Jet We specialise in the unique British gemstone called Whitby Jet. Our flagship boutique in Whitby was opened in 1860, and has been selling Whitby Jet ever since, hence our company tagline of ‘The Original Whitby Jet Shop’. Unlike most gemstones, Whitby Jet is actually fossilised wood, similar to our present day Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria Tree, which has been compressed over 180 million years. Our passion and enthusiasm results in high quality, expertly crafted pieces of classic yet contemporary jewellery using only the finest quality Whitby Jet, gathered from the local shores of the north-east coast of Yorkshire. The colour of Whitby Jet is unique; its blackness is so intense that the expression ‘as black as jet’ has been a commonly used phrase for hundreds of years. It is smooth and very lightweight; a characteristic that enables even the most lavish designs to be worn in comfort, and it can take on an extremely high polish to the extent that it could even be used as a mirror. Whitby Jet rose to its height of fame in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria wore it as her gemstone of choice after Prince Albert died in 1861. Whitby Jet is still now considered to be at the height of desirability: an exclusive and rare gemstone with an inherent timeless beauty.

Other gemstones In addition to Whitby Jet, we also pride ourselves in our offering of semi precious and precious gemstones such as Derbyshire Blue John and Preselli Bluestone from Britain, as well as gemstones from around the world such as Arizona turquoise, malachite, Baltic amber and many many more!

‘York Minster’ Collection Discover the ‘York Minster’ collection featuring sterling silver and Whitby Jet; designed to celebrate over 10 years of W Hamond on the Shambles in York. This collection was inspired by the ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ Great West window of York Minster. According to legend, all couple that kiss under the iconic window, will stay together forever, making this range a perfect gift for your loved one. Hand crafted in Britain, these beautiful limited edition pieces showcase the one true Yorkshire gemstone: Whitby Jet. This collection can be found in our boutiques or on our website.

‘Cross Heart’ Collection The ‘Cross Heart’ is our longest running design and therefore forms our signature collection. Displayed here in sterling silver and Whitby Jet, although we also hand carve many other gemstones as part of this collection including turquoise, Blue John, Amber etc, and we set in a variety of metals, all polished to a high shine. This collection can be found in our boutiques or on our website.

Please visit our website to view our stunning and diverse ranges, alternatively we would love to welcome you into our Shambles Boutique!