Frozen birthday party ideas

Frozen birthday party ideas

Planning a magical Frozen birthday party this year? We’ve gathered all of the best Frozen party ideas, decorations, and activities to make sure your child’s birthday is a true winter wonderland! Discover our best Frozen birthday party ideas to make your child’s big day come to life.

Select Frozen birthday party invitations

Crystal Pines” and “Icicle Eave” by Paperless Post.

Incorporating your party theme into the invitation is a great way to set the tone and let guests know what kind of event it is. When designing a Frozen birthday invitation, incorporate an icy color scheme and invitation wording that reflects the theme of Disney’s Frozen movie. These Frozen birthday invitations already have a template and Frozen birthday invitation wording laid out for you. Feel free to customize any details on the invitation as needed.

Want your Frozen birthday invitation to be even more over the top? Send a Flyer invite! You can easily customize your Frozen birthday invitation with GIFs of Anna, Elsa, or Olaf. Just search for the GIF of your choice in the Flyer design tool.

Sending your Frozen birthday invitation

The next question is, who should get an invitation to the ice castle? To make this occasion special, you will want to be sure to invite all of your child’s loved ones and closest friends. A convenient way to invite guests is through online invitations. At Paperless Post, we provide digital kids’ birthday invitations in a number of fun designs. You can customize any digital template with your own message, photo, and even thematic envelopes and stamps!

Frozen-themed birthday party decor

Another exciting part of planning a Frozen-themed birthday party is the decorating. From snowflakes and icicles to your child’s favorite duo, Anna and Elsa, or perhaps Olaf and Sven, there are endless options as to how you can decorate and recreate this Frozen winter wonderland.

Incorporate an icy color scheme

One of the easiest ways to start decorating is to pick out a color scheme that goes with the theme of your party. In this case, your color scheme will likely be a mixture of light blues and shades of white. To get close to the colors in Disney’s Frozen, here are three color codes from the movie that you can print out and bring with you when shopping for decor. Aside from these primary colors, don’t be afraid to scatter a bit of silver and shades of violet or periwinkle throughout the Frozen birthday party to tie in some other movie-themed colors as well. Most importantly, don’t overthink it. All the hues listed complement one another perfectly.Create an icy palace

To turn your party space into the ultimate Pinterest-perfect party, there are specific party supplies you may want to keep an eye out for. Here are a few decorative items to successfully recreate Arendelle’s icy kingdom atmosphere:

Silver and white confetti: If you are planning on setting up a snack or dessert table, spreading out white confetti underneath the goodies is a fun way to add detail to your decorations. Silver and white confetti will make the refreshments stand out a bit more and tie the theme together nicely.

A Frozen happy birthday banner: What’s better than a birthday banner that signifies the special day big and bold for everyone to see? A Frozen-themed happy birthday banner, of course! Luckily, there are numerous designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from that will fit your party perfectly.

Balloons: Another way to subtly tie hints of white and silver into the room is with balloons. Balloons are a classic, fun, and festive way to decorate any space.

Winter decorations: Have all of the decorations above but still feel like you’re missing something? Regardless of what time of the year it is, open up some Christmas storage boxes and make use of those once-a-year lights and artificial snow decorations! Christmas decorations, with the exception of Santa and his elves, typically go hand in hand with the Frozen winter setting. That said, have fun and get creative with whatever Christmas decorations you have.

Character decorations: To fully embrace the Frozen theme, you will want to be sure to have some special guests making an appearance throughout the party. It’s not a Frozen party without Anna, Elsa and their closest pals. Whether you choose life-size cutouts, hanging characters decorations, or even a character-filled backdrop, be sure to include these characters to accentuate the Frozen theme!

“Frozen” food and dessert

Aside from decorations, another fun way to carry out the theme of the party is with the food and drinks. This allows you to get really creative, but we’ve also put together suggestions for easy, at home recipes and cute titled food labels for a Frozen-themed birthday:

Olaf’s noses: Yep, you guessed it, carrots. Setting out a bowl full of carrots to reflect Olaf’s nose is a funny and nutritious snack that kids will love.

Anna’s star shaped sandwiches: From classic peanut butter and jellies to petite turkey and cheese sandwiches, all you need is a star shaped cookie cutter to serve these fun and tasty bites.

Sven’s snacks: Reindeers, like Sven, need their nutrition too. Pretzel sticks, cheese, grapes, and apples are some ideas you can branch off of to create your own reindeer snack platter. This is an easy and delicious way to include some healthy snacks before the kids have dessert.

Magical fruit wands: While you may not want your kids playing with their food, these magical fruit wands can be an exception, just for the day. With the same star shaped cookie cutter, choose any fruit to use as the star on top – feel free to mix up the fruit choices. Once you have the cut outs of the fruit, you can begin to slide them onto a wooden skewer until full.

Fill the dessert table

On the topic of sweet treats, it is a kids birthday party, so dessert is an essential ingredient in a perfect party recipe. While there are many tasty options that are Elsa and Anna approved, we’ve put together a few ideas that play along well with the Frozen theme:

Frozen punch: Blue Frozen punch is a tasty beverage that you can serve alongside the snacks at your child’s party as well. Since it is homemade, you can adjust the recipe however you’d like. Pro tip: this also means that you can cut back on half the amount of sugar as well.

Queen Elsa’s ice cube Jell-O: Blue Jell-O cut into “ice cubes” is another cute and simple snack idea for a Frozen-themed birthday party. Follow Queen Elsa’s Frozen Jell-O ice cube recipe for a creative take on a classic snack.

Blue colored rock candy: Rock candy can mimic the look of icicles, contributing to this icy theme.

DIY “frozen” popsicles: If it’s summer, a frozen treat like popsicles fits perfectly with the theme. You can buy these at a store or opt for the DIY route with this recipe for Elsa’s Frozen Popsicles.

Frozen birthday party activities

Parents would surely agree that having games is one of the top kids’ birthday party tips. No kids’ birthday party is complete without games or activities to keep the little ones busy and entertained. With that said, consider arranging these Frozen-inspired activities for the party:

Cookie decorating: Bake some sugar cookies ahead of time and lay them out on a table with blue and white frosting for the kids to decorate and enjoy later. Don’t forget the sprinkles too!

Pin the carrot on the Olaf: This is a fun take on a classic party game. You can simply set this game up by creating your own “Olaf” with white construction paper. Use a black marker to draw his eyes and mouth accordingly and secure your Olaf to the wall. Then use orange construction paper to cut out one carrot nose per guest. Before beginning the game, write each guest’s name on a carrot nose and place double-sided tape on the backside. Then, use a bandana to blindfold the children one by one and let them attempt to pin their carrot nose as close as possible to the center of Olaf’s face.

Frozen-themed hot chocolate: If your child’s birthday is in the winter, some warm hot chocolate is a tasty treat you can make for the kids. Did we mention that it’s light blue and made with white chocolate? Follow this recipe for a unique dessert that will impress both the kids and their parents.

Snowflake cutting: Nothing says winter wonderland quite like snowflakes. You can incorporate snowflakes in a variety of ways from cutting them out yourself origami style, or by finding the perfect star centerpiece for tables throughout the party. Add to the festivity, and give kids something to do with their busy hands, by having a snowflake cutting station with construction paper and kid-friendly scissors.

Frozen party favors

Last, but definitely not least, party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming and helping you celebrate your child’s special day.

For a unique party favor that is made with love, consider making a large batch of homemade snowball playdough and individually wrapping “snowballs” for your guests. Tie up the party favor with a note expressing gratitude such as, “Thank you snow much for coming to my party!”

Let the magic commence!

However you choose to decorate and celebrate on your little one’s special day, you can be sure that these Frozen theme party ideas will be a hit. With mystical decorations, tasty cool treats, and festive activities, your child is sure to have the best birthday and guests are guaranteed to be wowed. Start planning your child’s Frozen adventure and create an invitation that will get guests excited to come! From flower theme party invitations to outer space birthday party invitations, we have a wide collection of kids’ birthday invitation designs. Choose one that fits your child’s birthday theme today.

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