Does UPS Sell Stamps? – Get Your Answer Here [Complete Guide]

Does UPS sell stamps? If that is your question, then my answer is yes. They sell stamps. UPS also offers postal services. UPS also carries USPS products.

Not just stamps, you can expect many other things from UPS. For instance, metered mail solutions such as return receipts. Also, it guarantees delivery or the confirmation of signatures. So, here is a complete answer to your query with a detailed explanation of UPS stamps.

Does UPS Sell Stamps?

Yes, for your clarity, UPS sells stamps. The stamps that they sell used to be post office domains. But now, you can buy stamps from other locations such as stores, banks, gas stations, retailers, and pharmacies.

They are the leading provider of post stamps and they are also the second-largest postal service organization in the US. Most importantly, they have more than 2900 outlets in America.

Good news for those asking, “does the ups store sell stamps?” because you can buy them from most of the stores of UPS. Aside from Postage stamps, UPS also provides certified letters and signature confirmations.

They can be processed right after you receive your parcel. You can also avail of US Postal Stamp services and shipping services. If you don’t want to go to the stores, you can buy the postal stamps online from UPS stores.

Things You Should Know About UPS

UPS is the largest parcel delivery company in the world. It is headquartered in the US. UPS has offices in more than 200 countries in the world, with its headquarters based in the US. According to 2016 statistics, they have handled more than 15 million packages in a day. They also have a record of doing business with 8 million customers daily.

UPS Stamp Price

Does UPS sell stamps? You know that they do now. But what is the price of those stamps? For one single USPS-issued stamp, you have to pay a minimum of $0.59. But the price can go upto a rate of $0 .82.

But, if you ask for my advice, I suggest you get a booklet of 20 stamps from UPS. It will be more cost-effective. You can get a booklet for a varying prices of $10.89 to $11.90. Each of these varying prices means you have to pay $0.549 or $0.599 for each of the stamps.

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Why Should You Buy Stamps From UPS?

I can give you more than one reasons to buy from UPS. Most importantly, you can find many UPS stores where you can buy stamps. There are some things about UPS stores that you will find helpful and appealing. In this article, I have offered a handful of reasons why you should buy stamps from UPS.

  1. The UPS stores near you sell both single and booklets of postal stamps. You can buy according to your need and the price you are willing to spend.
  2. The local store’s UPS also allows you to purchase items directly from there.
  3. There is also a wide range of services that you can avail of from the UPS stores.
  4. Another advantage of choosing UPS to buy your stamps is that they are available online.
  5. It is simple and easy to buy stamps from UPS stores.
  6. They also get your package weighed and help you determine the number of postages you have to pay for.
  7. Shipping supplies are available for purchase. Also, you can directly ship items to UPS Stores.
  8. UPS can work as an alternative to your Post Office. It offers all the services you expect from your post office.

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How Can I Find UPS Stamps Near Me?

You can easily locate UPS storage near you. The best way to locate your nearest UPS store is by using the UPS store locator. First, you have to navigate to the UPS store locator page and type the state and city.

Not all places have shipping services. But there is no need to worry. Drop-off centers are helping you to easily receive your packages. You can also find the UPS stores near you using their mobile app that works on Android and iOS. You can find the details of the local stores.

The mobile app offers details about the local UPS stores near you. It helps you find out the services they offer and their working hours. You can also check the shipping price using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you have already found the information you were looking for. However, here are some questions and answers you might find informative and helpful.


Yes, USPS sells postal stamps. You don’t have to wonder anymore, thinking, “does ups sell stamps?” You can go to UPS stores near you and buy as many as you need. Whether you need to send urgent mail or a letter, you can use UPS stores to buy your postal stamps.

You can buy single stamps or you can go in bulk.

The postal stamps are easy to buy and there are many UPS stores around that sell them. Did you find your answer? Please let me know in the comment.

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