35 Fantastic Mailbox Ideas and Designs That Will Leave Your Guests Really Impressed

What does your mailbox say about you? Have you ever thought that its look is the guests’ first impression? Therefore, it shouldn’t be an overlooked part of the outdoors. There are sleek and simple, modern with clean lines, custom painted and even small reproductions of your house design. Are you curious to see how you can transform your mailbox into an appealing outdoor feature?

Check the collection of 35 Best Mailbox Ideas and Designs.

1. Add Wallpaper to the Interior of the Colorful Box

The internal part of the mailbox is protected from rain so you can give it a nice mailbox makeover with wallpaper or scrapbook paper. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the inside and then position the papers.

Another coat of glue over the sheets will secure them to the metal surface and will seal them for protection from the outdoor conditions.

via Mod Podge Rocks

2. Try DIY Faux Granite Post Project

Here is an easy idea of how to spruce up a mailbox that sits next to a paved walkway. Instead of going for the typical wooden post, cover it with faux granite linings that can be picked up at a hardware store.

You don’t have to be professional for this DIY mailbox craft idea because applying the faux pieces is easy with the appropriate glue.

via Westwood Mills

3. Mailbox Stands out With Bold Graphics

The mailbox is more than a functional part of the outdoors. It can be also accepted as a house piece that greets the people passing by.

Such an interesting and cheerful design of a mailbox will surely be a reason for a bright and funny mood! The mailbox makeover requires spray paint and duck tape.

The rhomb ornaments on the post have been outlined and filled with white paint after the black background has been finished.

via Joyful Daisy

4. Organic Mailbox Post From Tree Branches

Blend the mailbox design with the natural surroundings with this lovely makeover idea. Instead of a wooden post, we see a tree sanded beautifully to act as a support for the box and for a lantern.

The farmhouse style of this mailbox is enhanced by a wrought iron bracket at the back of the post for additional living decoration adding a pop of color.

5. Brick Masonry Pillar Mailbox

This mailbox idea will ensure an everlasting structure collecting not only your mails but also notifying the number of your house.

The post is larger than the standard wooden structures. It has been built from bricks in the shape of a chimney with an opening supplied with a metal door mimicking a fireplace.

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The solid structure and beautiful red brick lining make an amazing rustic backdrop for a metal tag with the number of the house.

6. Cinder Blocks Add Planters and Strength

This is another inspiring project for a mailbox makeover! This time the wooden post is replaced with a structure from cinder blocks. Stacked in a zig-zag pattern, one of the openings of each cinder block remains uncovered to become a cute mailbox planter.

Right before installing the mailbox, there is another cinderblock positioned which has been preliminary painted in a contrasting color that matches the rustic appeal of the structure.

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It acts as a stable support for the mailbox and also as a display for metal numbers indicating the number of the house.

7. Garden and Solar Light Add Curb Appeal

If you are not keen on a total mailbox makeover, you can add a small garden around the post to make the mailbox more attractive and welcoming.

Surround the raised mailbox garden bed with pavers or stones which will hold the added soil in place and will differentiate the mailbox from the surroundings.

via Monica Rettig

8. Classic Mailbox Post From Reclaimed Lumber

Traditionalists prefer the classic mailbox look- a wooden post structure and a metal box for the collection of the mail.

You can make a small change to this traditional item by adding numbers in metallic color vertically down the post.

9. Plain Posts Improved With Lights and Hardware

Do you have a house mixing modern and classic in one? You have probably wondered what mailbox will match it best.

The streamlined and glossy white paint gives the rustic wood texture a modern feel. Combined with black tops from metal and other accents in the same color the mailbox becomes unique and appealing.

via Tid Bits Cami

10. Garden and White Post Brighten Plain Mailbox

Repurpose furniture parts for your mailbox support. Table legs are great for this DIY mailbox idea, especially those ones with curves in the wood.

If you want a rustic impact, leave the wood in its original color or age it. For a touch of modernity, paint the wood glossy white. Surround the base with a small garden planted with seasonal flowers or evergreens.

via The Gardening Cook

11. Second Post Supports Traditional Mailbox

Another mailbox idea features a post in a ladder design for an enhanced rustic effect.

The ladder ends with a metal box painted brown to match the outdoor design of the house and metallic numbers that customize it for the address of the house.

12. Lattice Fence Inspired Mailbox Post

The climbing flowers bring a great degree of curb appeal to the front yard. Anyone who loves to incorporate this effect into the mailbox design can take advantage of this trellis post idea.

The lattice support makes space for a climbing perennial or annual flower. The raised garden bed around it continues the flower decoration with seasonal blooms and pea gravel keeping the weeds away.

13. Colorful Mailbox Has Matching Newspaper Holder

Another cheerful mailbox makeover project features a combination of spray paints and stencils for a unique final result.

The patterns made are vintage in their look and when placed next to a flower bed, they become a perfect match for a place full of colors by nature.

via Amy Scheg

14. Modern Farm Style Mailbox With Planters

This is another mailbox idea reproducing the farmhouse fireplace. The structure is built from another farmhouse material- stones.

There is a low structure at either side of the basis acting as a flower planter. The middle one is the tallest and with an integrated opening for the mails.

The opening is closed by a vintage wrought iron door in black matching the number tag on the side of it.

15. Well-Crafted Slat Wood Mailbox Wall

This rustic mailbox design can be easily made with reclaimed cedar material. Two wooden posts and slats need to be sanded and then stained dark for a true vintage look.

Mounting the mailbox and the numbers are the easiest part. Get them ready from a store and screw them through the back of the mailbox support.

16. Coastal Teal Blue Ombre Mailbox

The effect of the paint colors applied on the old mailbox reminds us so much of the see and we love it! A bit of the coast brought to your home will add a summer cheer and pop of color in a unique way.

To enhance the ombre effect of the metal box, paint the wooden mailbox post glossy white.

via Embrace My Space

17. Vintage Bicycle Becomes Mailbox and Planter

Do you still keep your old bicycle? It may not be working well but it looks vintage adorable for new mailbox support.

Park the bicycle backward and put a flower pot in the basket. Painting the mailbox in a bright vivid color is very important to easy distinguish from the large holder and for a cheerful touch complementing the blooming flowers.

18. Repurposed Barrel Holds Mailbox and Bouquet

This is an interesting repurposing idea! A weathered but beautifully rustic barrel is turned into a flowerpot which also supports the mailbox post.

The leash foliage and cascading blooms create a lovely natural landscape right in front of the house. This idea is great for people loving repurposing projects with farmhouse appeal.

via Dreaming Gardens

19. Outhouse-Inspired Mailbox and Shed

The mailbox design here turns it into a separate structure. It consists of a wooden shed holding two flower planters at the sides and a fence edging a ground garden.

The materials used for this mailbox makeover are reclaimed wood pieces and a standard metal box which make the inspiring project not also unique in its look but also very inexpensive.

20. Mailbox Posts Supports Candle Lantern and Planters

This mailbox idea has a triple action. In addition to storing mail, there are three additional supports that give the post a decorative look.

Added metal brackets hold flower baskets and a lantern with a candle. These elements are known to be able to add warmth and a welcoming vibe so when added to the mailbox structure, they succeed in improving the curb appeal.

21. Custom Ironwork and Wood Mailbox Post

This is a simple and inspiring way to upgrade the mailbox and give it a brand new look. With these wrought iron pieces added at the corners of the structure and on the wood post surface, the mailbox holder becomes unique.

The elements are heavy-duty and amazing when it comes to shapes, colors and sizes.

via Madison Iron and Wood

22. Hide Mailbox in Flagstone Post

This is another stone mailbox idea. This time, the post isn’t covered with faux stones. It has actually been built from flagstones.

The different ends of the stones create a unique rough texture that relates to the classy countryside style. There are two sections for inserting a tag with the house number and the mailbox. At the top, the structure ends with a lamp in the shape of a vintage lantern.

via Pacific Landscaping

23. Matching Mailbox and Lantern

This could be called a traditional design of a mailbox. Only one simple change gives it a personal touch and that is the copper mailbox and the vintage lantern.

They succeed in adding a cozy feeling outside the home which coheres with the atmosphere inside the house.

24. Extend Post Height for Hanging Planter

Flowers are a great idea for the decoration of an item standing in the yard. They require low maintenance and possess a lot of decorative beauty which brings a great degree of curb appeal.

Add a wrought iron bracket to the cedar mailbox post and hang a large basket with cascading flowers in it. You can match the basket and the held flowers with the colors of the metal mailbox for enhanced visual interest.

via Monica Rettig

25. Mailbox Gets Copper Paint, Hand-Painted Tiles

This is what a miracle does a copper mailbox with a plain wooden holder. It attracts attention with the cheerful reflection of the sunlight.

The warm tone of the copper matches the rustic structure. Added plaques with numbers to the bottom of the post express personalized art pieces which relate to the rustic concept of the mailbox and turn this outdoor piece into a custom mailbox.

via Dusty Coyote

26. Industrial Mailbox Brings Big Style

This is a great idea for all of you looking for an industrial type of mailbox. You would hardly recognize the function of this structure at first glance.

The numbers on the lumber and the red handle give hints about its application. Surrounding pea gravel and mossy stones cohere with the clean design of the hidden mailbox and aid the overall look.

via Modfrugal

27. Mailbox Mounted on Wood Slat Wall

The clean lines of this mailbox idea make it suitable for many homes. The lumber slats can be painted to match the surrounding exterior for enhanced curb appeal.

The addition of stylish metal numbers is a nice touch in customizing the item for this particular home.

28. Anchor Mailbox and Newspaper Holder To Pillar

The stone pillar holding a mailbox is a modern farmhouse structure that stands out easily against the green lawn and low edging garden.

Accents in white unite the separate pieces together and tie with the entrance of the house.

via Home Depot

29. Mailbox Stand and Planter From Reclaimed Bricks

Give the mailbox a decorative function by adding a planter section to the base structure. Building it from strong materials such as bricks, stones, pavers or cinder blocks will let you enjoy the customized mailbox for many years.

via Going Postal

30. Mailbox Rises From Rock Garden Base

This mailbox idea is actually an idea of how to match the structure of the mailbox with the existing landscape.

The craftsman basis is a solid pedestal made from concrete and stones. A wooden post peeks out of its center to hold a traditional metal box.

31. Mailbox Turned into Mini Model Home

Instead of the typical metal mailbox put up a miniature version of your house. Isn’t this a cute idea?

If you have artistic skills you can add miniatures around the box to replicate the outdoors of your own yard.

32. Make Use of Entire Mailbox Post

If the post holding the mailbox is extended, you can use it as a support for a flower pot.

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To create a continuous and appealing visual appearance, match the flowers in the pot with flowers planted in the raised garden bed around the main post.

33. Western Wagon Wheel Supports Vintage Mailbox

A rusty metal mailbox deserves more than just a wooden post to expose its age and vintage beauty. It will sit best on a useless antique wagon wheel. The rusty finish of the steel matches the patina spots on the galvanized metal box.

Add a vintage metal sign at the top of the box to enhance the historic value of the piece.

34. Whiskey Barrel Becomes the Mailbox

We saw earlier how a whiskey barrel could be repurposed into a holder of a mailbox post functioning also as a flower pot. Here, the barrel is an actual mailbox! Isn’t this an amazing idea?

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The added small metal tag at the top of the mailbox door personalizes the outdoor feature with the family name. This mailbox idea is perfect for a cabin or a restaurant.

35. Mailbox Combines Modern and Organic Styles

This mailbox design combines modern with farmhouse. The clean lines of the wooden slats cohere with the simple geometric shape of the cement block inserted in the post.

Added garden around the mailbox structure is planted with ornamental grass which anchors the modern vibe of this outdoor feature.