Does UPS Sell Stamps?

Postage stamps are one of the most essential items you will need when sending mail and deliveries. But where can you purchase them? Many wonder whether they can purchase stamps from United Parcel Service (UPS), one of the world’s largest packaging delivery companies.

Yes, UPS provides postal services and sells stamps. The company also offers USPS goods. It provides metered postal options like return receipts to ensure delivery, signature confirmation, and stamps. It also certifies letters as soon as they are received, so you don’t have to wait days to pick up your envelope.

The article will explore this question in more detail and discuss where else you can buy stamps.

Stamps Beyond Post Office: Where To Buy And UPS Role

Postage stamps were formerly the property of the post office and are being sold by them. However, things have changed recently since UPS stores started selling them out. Stamps are currently being sold in several locations, including shipping shops, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, and shops.

Additionally, the business sells accessories and postage stamps. After receiving your package, the company can immediately execute certified letters and signature confirmations. They also provide American services.

Moreover, they offer shipping services and US postal stamp services. The UPS Store offers online ordering for stamps as well.

Which UPS Stores Sell Stamps?

Going to UPS has the advantage of weighing your package so you can determine how much postage you need. You can purchase both a single and multiple ones as well. UPS is the most reasonable choice for purchasing, for instance, a book of 20 stamps. The price will range from $11.89 to $11.90 or $0.549 to $0.599.

Every day of the week, UPS is open. Additionally, UPS locations are open on Sundays and most federal holidays. Customers might buy stamps at any moment due to their accessibility. Customers can, therefore, walk in and purchase postage stamps or mail their boxes to any location they choose.

Postage stamps can be used to obtain certified letters and signature confirmation. The UPS site determines the working hours. Here are the general weekday times when you go to purchase your stamps:

  • Opening time – 9:00 AM
  • Closing time – 7:00 PM

Watch this video to see if UPS ships stamps:

Can UPS ship stamps?

Benefits Of Purchasing Stamps From UPS

You can purchase a single stamp or full book at your nearby UPS store. You can get UPS shipping materials from your neighborhood store. Thanks to this service, you can mail goods straight from the shop.

Several services the UPS store offers are also available at any Post Office. Another justification for buying stamps is that UPS furthermore provides online sales. Besides, ordering stamps at UPS stores is quite simple.

How Can I Locate A UPS Store?

UPS is the biggest provider of postal services in the world. It ranks second in the US. UPS primarily offers things linked to the postal service and stamps. Visiting a nearby UPS location is not necessary.

Alternatively, you can buy stamps and related supplies online. After you place an online order, it will be mailed out within 48 hours. There are UPS locations all around the country. You can find the closest one with the help of the ‘UPS Store Location.’

You can type the city or state that interests you. Not every location provides shipping services. However, they have drop-off locations, making picking up packages simple. Additionally, you may locate it close to UPS locations by using their app.

The application will provide information on your neighborhood shop, such as its opening times, services, costs, and whether it is open now.

Around the world and in the US, UPS runs more than 200 stores. To find the closest UPS location, check their official store locator. You can also use the store locator on the website’s home page. Click the link and enter your state, zip code, or municipality name to find the nearest UPS location.

Within seconds, the complete UPS address in your neighborhood will be displayed. You can also verify the official hours of the UPS store in your area. Moreover, after finding it, you can head into your local store and purchase the required postage stamps.

Alternate Stamp Buying Options

  1. Post Office

The local post office is the most obvious location to purchase stamps. It is because the USPS is the sole authorized retailer of postage stamps in the country. Finding a location close to you has become simple because of USPS. It runs thousands of post offices around the nation.

You can purchase stamps at the post office for first-class, international, and priority mail at various prices. Depending on your demands, you can also purchase stamps in booklets, sheets, or rolls. Aside from stamps, you can purchase additional postal supplies, including boxes, packing, and envelopes.

  1. Online Retailers

The USPS website enables you to buy stamps and other postal products from the comfort of your home. It is one of the most popular sites and a good alternative for buying stamps. A wide selection of stamp styles and denominations are available, and your order will be delivered right to your home.

In addition to the USPS website, other online merchants, including Amazon and Walmart, also sell stamps. These merchants provide a large range of stamp designs and denominations, and if you meet specific criteria, you can frequently get free postage.

  1. Grocery Store

Your neighborhood food store is yet another practical place to purchase stamps. Many supermarkets include a section where you may buy stamps, envelopes, and other postal supplies close to the checkout lines. It makes buying stamps while conducting your usual supermarket shopping smile.

  1. Drugstores

Many drugstores sell stamps as well, similar to how grocery stores do. Stamps and other postal supplies are frequently sold at a department near the front of stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. It may be an easy choice if you need to pick up stamps while running errands.


Despite not having a reputation for selling postage stamps in the past, UPS has just started doing so. The nation’s sole authorized retailer of postage stamps is still the United States Postal Service. Post offices, internet merchants, grocery stores, and drugstores are just a few places where customers can buy stamps.

Customers who need to send mail or parcels can send them from UPS locations because they also sell stamps and other postal supplies. No matter where you decide to purchase stamps from, having a stock on hand is necessary to guarantee that your mail is processed and delivered on schedule.