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Welcome to our Internet based Antiques website www.AntiqBuyer.com. Our primary interest is in Mechanical & Patented Antiques, Scientific Related Antiques, and Tool & Technology related antiques. We buy & sell what is generally known as Americana, General or Country Store Antiques, and Antique Advertising. We Salesman Sample of Disc Harrow call all of this “Americana with a Purpose.”

This website is near 30 years old as of 2023 and we have been in the Antique & Collectible business for over 40 years as full time antique dealers / brokers. On this page you will find information about the types of antiques and collectibles we deal in, want to buy, and can help you with. On the left are links to specific informational pages on the different types of specific antiques we buy & deal in. On the right are links to pages of past sales for many antiques we have sold from our sister antique sales website www.Patented-Antiques.com.

We own and operate 2 different antiques websites. This site, www.AntiqBuyer.com is our informational and buying site, andShaw Patent Antique Sewing Machine includes Past Sales Archives links found on the right.We conduct most of our Antique Sales from our sister website www.Patented-Antiques.com. Please visit that site to see what we currently have listed for sale.

Our antique sales website, www.Patented-Antiques.com is one of the largest and best known single owner internet antique sales websites on the internet. Both of our websites have great search engine placement. We use get close to 1000 unique visitors each day from all over the world at the two sites. That equates to world wide exposure 24 /7 and 365 days a year to interested antique buyers who are interested in the merchandise we sell.

Types of Antiques Sought & Sold

We primarily buy, sell, and deal in patented, mechanical, and vintage technology related Antique Typewriterantiques and collectibles spanning the era from the mid-to early 1800’s and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution to just after the turn-of-the 20th Century. We specialize in antique tools and many specific sub categories. General or Country store related antiques as well as related advertising are sought as well. We actively seek antique sewing machines, (Pre-1870) American Patent Models, and vintage salesman samples as well. Antique surveying instruments, antique woodworking tools, office related antiques and many other types of patented and / or mechanical antiques, related advertising, country / general store antiques, and more from this era, are of special interest, and what we specialize in. Our interests include antique pressing irons & sadirons, early patented eggbeaters, churns, and other kitchen related gadgets and antiques, mechanical and patented apple parers, cast iron coffee mills / grinders, and other kitchen related antiques. We are also interested in, and buy and sell antique office equipment, antique medical instruments, and related antique scientific equipment, including early electric fans and antique electric bi-polar or open frame motors, antique typewriters, mechanical pencil sharpeners, early telephones and telegraphy devices etc. Antique toys, vintage sporting goods are sought as well. Many other occupational and technological antiques from the home, workshop, store, farm, mcclure patent fluting ironor office are sought as well. We also deal in and seek antique figural cast iron pieces like antique lawn sprinklers, early corkscrews, unusual calculating devices, slide rules, plus related ephemera, catalogs and advertising related to all of the above mentioned categories. Unlike what is offered at the current crop of most antique shows and in most “antique” malls or shops these days, where the new definition of 20 years old is now deemed to be an antique, we still hold to the definition of an antique as being something close to 100 years old or more. Newer things might be collectible, or popular and saleable, but pieces from 1990 or even the 70’s and 80’s typically do not fit into our sales categories or realm of interest. For a good overview and specific information on the different categories of antiques, vintage technology, scientific related antiques, antique advertising and collectibles we are interested in CLICK any of the headings in the left column. To see many past sales results click the links in the right column. Quick Meal Toy Cookstove

Orpoy Patent Model LanternA Note on Selling Your Antiques

The process is simple.If you have an interesting antique for sale contact us at AntiqBuyer@gmail.com giving us as many details as possible. Pics are invaluable and a must to discuss specifics about what you have.

We buy antiques. If you want to talk with me please call us at 530-748-7297 but only after sending pics or real info about what you have via email so we can better discuss what you have.

Thank you!! Larry & Carole